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The Runelords will Rise!

Scarred by the depravity of ancient wizards and reclaimed by a wilderness of beasts and savages, only in the past few hundred years have the steps of civilized men again trod the wondrous and mysterious lands of Varisia!

The autumn is upon the land, and with the Late Unpleasantness in the not-so-distant past, it is time for the Swallowtail Festival. This annual festival serves to give thanks to the Gods for a fine summer harvest and fishing and dedicate new religious offerings for a healthy and safe winter. This festival has an additional event: the dedication of a new cathedral to Desna to replace the old building lost in the Sandpoint Fire.


Having grown up in and around Sandpoint and remember the old Cathedral fondly, everyone has returned from their separate lives for the ceremony. As you enter the town, fond memories wash over you. The gentle sounds of iron on steel from the Red Dog Smithy wafts through the air as you navigate the soft, loam dirt streets, your eyes falling on one of the social centers of town,The Rusty Dragon. From outside, you hear the sounds of a busy inn – laughter, shouting and a raucous buzz of conversation. As you open the door, the smell of the inn’s famous Spicy Fish and Flatbread fills your nose. The barkeep waves at you and points at an open table. “Come on in, or you’ll lose the table!”

You stop for a moment. Could that be Ameiko Kaijitsu? She left a year before you had, seeking her fame and fortune as an adventurer, exploring the ruins of Varisia. The town was a buzz with the scandal when she left, the eldest daughter and heir to the Kaijitsu glassmaking family leaving to fight amongst the commoners, was back now as a simple barkeep and business woman?

Looking around with a small smile, the gentle anonymity of the tavern embraces you as you make your way to the table. Already, you spot friendly faces that see you move through the crowds. They stand and, with ale, mead, or wine in hand, move to join you.

The Runelords will Rise

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