The Runelords will Rise

How to fight yourself

When you are training you are taught to be able to know your weaknesses and your flaws. I know that when I am in tight spaces my summoning is limited. It isn’t that I CANT summon strong power, crush our foes creatures, the problem is that they are 4-8x bigger than we are, and trying to get one of those things in a 10×10×10 foot corridor is not going to happen. I know that slowing me down my natural means won’t do much. Not only can I fly in wild shape, but I also am not deterred by natural thorns, rocks and other things. You try to poison me and it won’t do any good. I’m immune to it. If I am in elemental form, I cannot be sneak-attacked or be hit critically. Sadly I could become harder to damage in some of my forms, but like my summoned creatures that 10×10×10 corridor stops me from making myself too big.
This thought process worked well when we ran into those darn mirrors. Soon as we walked into that hall way the first 4 of had our “twin” walk out of one of the mirrors. At the back of my mind it was interesting to see Telcar taking on Telcar with clashing Fluffy Bunnies. Sadly Morf found out why our beloved Telcar is not to be trifled with.
When our paladin’s clone stepped up to me I did something that I’ve been avoiding doing, turning into an lightening elemental. Normally I wouldn’t turn into one of these things because any metal they touch they can turn the wearing into a smoked sausage, but in this case fried bad guy in a tin can was a good thing. My clone did as I expected she started summoning things, and a King Cobra appeared. Those fangs hurt by the way, but the poison didn’t affect me, and Jonathan was too strong for it. Just as I had the idea of shocking the bad guys, so did my clone. She started to call lightening, notice I said started. I have worked to make sure my spells won’t be disrupted but that doesn’t mean they can’t be, and my clone found that out the hard way. Between Lexie destroying the mirrors and the other’s chopping down the other clones, we survived but we took a beating.



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