The Runelords will Rise

In the space of a breath

I knew what I was doing when I let loose that sun light spell, and it wasn’t like I was trying to hide. The 10 tall pillars of fire elements are fairly easy to see. Any foe could see me standing there, but when you cast that powerful spell and could possibly cast 3 more of them you tell to paint a rather large target on yourself. I would have expected the creature to rain down darkness or ice upon me, but to simply have it point its finger at me and simply say “DIE!” I wasn’t quite prepared for that.

This wasn’t a matter of will power. I do not fear easily, and I can see through charms and illusions. But when something grabs hold of your very life force and demands that it die there is not much any one can do. I’m sure Telcar or Jonathan would have no problem with it, heck those guys could take a brick wall falling on them and they would keep going, but me… not so much.

As I felt the light of my soul leaving it was as if fate or the gods grabbed hold of me, and said “Not today!” and yanked my soul elsewhere. I was apprehensive to move or open my eyes. Opening my eyes would mean I would have to accept where I was, I did not fear it as all things must die, but that does not mean I wanted it to be today. What did finally get me to open my eyes was when a rather large wet flat tongue began licking me up the side of the face, and paws the size of skillets nudged me to roll over.

I opened my eyes to find that I was nose to nose with a huge fire pelt, which proceeded to clean me like a kitten. It only took me a moment to realize the cat was Bahgerra, my old friend. I proceeded to squeal and hug and kiss and, scratch my old friend because I missed him. He was a good friend who gave his life to protect me and my friends. When I lay on his back scratching his neck, he stood up and began to walk around with me. I had forgotten he was trained to be ridden. I just held onto his neck and enjoyed being with my friend, until I heard that us was not alone. From his back I looked around where we were. It looked like my mind garden, the place I go when I meditate. If I was dead, I would not be able to access my mind garden as I would be in land of my God, and it is far better than my mind garden could ever be, so how could be there.

As if to answer my question the little ‘keeper’ of my mind, Meda, dropped down from an overhead branch. “What were you thinking doing that?” She practically screeched.

“Well number one, take down the evil undead thing before he kills all my friends. Simple Rules of engagement, #1 protect your goal, #2 protects your companions, and #3 don’t die.”

“Well you failed number 3, oh wise one!” Meda snarled at me.

I tried not to laugh, because it is hard to keep a straight face when a cute 6 year old girl in a white dress and pig tails is yelling at you. “True, but I did complete 1 and 2.”

“This is not fully!” Meda paced, “You got lucky you could be saved this time. There are only so many times this can happen before bye bye Meadow. “

“So was I wrong to do it in the first place?” I glared down at her from Baghra’s back.

“No!” Meda shouted back, “But you do it a little less conspicuous next time.”

“Well what was I supposed to do? It would take too long to send in creatures to attack them, and given how strong that creature was it could just as easily kill my friends in that time. Not possible, and the best spell for it was the one I used.”

“It was but did you have to do it as a flaming fire elemental!” Meda screeched.
“True” I rolled my eyes, “but if I had used two of my wild shapes for the day already and if I changed again, that means I can’t change in case we need it later. It seemed logical at the time.”

“It may have been, but you are going against some very bad things now. They won’t just rain death upon you with fire, ice, or stone, these things can simply say “Die” and you are dead, no if ands or butts. If they can see you, they can kill you. “

“Alright alright, more stealth, less show, got it.” I sighed. “No need to beat me over the head with it.

“Yeah well, just make sure you remember it when you go back ‘upstairs’.” Meda sighed.
I managed to give Bahgera one last hug around his neck before I felt myself slamming into the hard stone floor of the Mummy room, and opening my eyes to the face of a rather worried Joesek. All I could say was “OW!”



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