The Runelords will Rise

Preparing for the adventure ahead

“It’s not really paranoia if they are really out to get you. – anonymous”

I have spent the week preparing for this journey we are about to undertake. I have been researching what I can to find out about the land around where we must head. I can only prepare from what I know of this land. I know not what we can expect to find once we go inside. I can only speculate based on what has happened in the past.

Given how we have had to climb on cave walls, cliffs, and not to mention ceilings, having climbing gear and scrolls of spider climb would be helpful. Given that it is possible to drown even in a desert it might not be a bad idea to have spells to help swim. Our enemies are getting tougher and require special weapons to kill them we must have spells or access to the special weapons themselves. Yes many may call me foolish, but I am someone who learns from nature itself. Does not a squirrel gather it’s nuts in order to have food over the winter. Does not a bear eat more during the summer so that when it sleeps it can live on its fat, and does it not grow a thick fur coat to protect its self from the cold winter? Just as these animals prepare for what is to come, so must I. I carry a magical silver dagger, and a magical cold iron scimitar. I know Telchar has ‘Fluffy Bunny’ which is adamantine. It couldn’t hurt to pick up a few adamantine arrows or bolts, would it? Granted, they cost an additional 60 gps each. Not exactly cheap, but might be worth having. A few silver arrows wouldn’t hurt either and they are just 2 gps each.

I will speak with Toby about what he would recommend from his alchemical arsenal. In the mean time I must pack, and prepare. Who knows what we may run into?



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