The Runelords will Rise

Rude awakenings

You would think I would have gotten use to odd things happening, yet I am still shocked when they do. I was enjoying the comforts of my sitting room. A nice warm fire, a nice glass of red wine, my cat Mei stretched out on the hearthrug. Not a bad evening if I do say so myself. Antonio is up in his room scribbling away at his spell books. Since we have gotten back Lexia has been locked in her room working on hers so it shouldn’t surprise me. I’d offer her some allnight herb but given that it lets you go at full steam for 8 hours, but the drawback is that you lose focus on your work faster than a magpie goes after something shiny. Not to mention you feel like you have been hit by a bull elephant once it has worn off might not be a good idea either. Toby was in his lab tinkering. For him that could be both a good thing and a very bad thing. I haven’t heard any explosions, so whatever he is working on has not blown up. The screams for help that jarred me from my comfy spot were another matter entirely.

We found a giant sink hole has swallowed part of the road and a wall of the barracks. This did not bode well for the 6 guards that had fallen inside. The howling that came from the gaping hole was not a natural sound. There was a giant hole in the round that had a set of stairs that lead deeper into the ground below our town, 6 of our people had fallen in and must be rescued, who do you think they looked to save them? Why the heroes of Sand Point no less, aka us.

I have been learning from our past experiences. I have taken to carrying extra scrolls of lesser restoration, cure disease, and even though I cannot cast it, cure curse. After dealing with those vile flying undead mummies I want to stay prepared. Going into bad form I was able to help scout ahead for us. I always stay behind Morfin just in case, especially after seeing him shrink in that giant’s temple. As we descended we came across an unnatural fog. Oh this is something I can take care off, and I used wind to blow it away…. And it came back. According to Josek they is a spell that helps protect places that gives off this unnatural fog. Not a good thing to be going on.

In the blackness ahead we heard a voice, something was down here with us. This didn’t surprise me in the least, the huge giant size spell casting thing did surprise me a bit. The bastard turned the gravity on us. Everyone fell to the ceiling leaving just me on the floor flying. Big ugly bad guy ready to play squish with my friends, now we the time to pull out the big weaponry; I called forth two huge air elementals, and a large air elemental to take on the creature. They provide the shield for my friends while they fired arrows and did some rather impressive acrobatics to attack the things. The fight was going well until the bastard summoned another of it’s kind. Soon as we killed it, we had to turn and kill another just like it. For a moment I thought we were going to be dead for sure. The elementals took the brunt of the attacks which allowed my friends to do their jobs, that is not to say they didn’t dole out a lot of damage themselves. When it was finally dead we knew we had to continued ahead to find our lost guards.

After squeezing through a tight passage we found a well of water that seemed to be part of the temple. The previous temple to Lamashtu had a similar pool, but this one gave me a bad vibe. Before anyone could figure out what was going on with the water in the pool Telchar drank some of it. I had never once wanted to strangle someone so badly.

Apparently the pool was full of water under the spell of ‘the waters of Lamastu’. It was cursed water that made the dwarf dumb, well dumber than before. My thinking ahead paid off in that I had the spells to help him on scrolls. I was not pleased that I had to use them that quickly. On the bright side he did pay me for their use. The problem was that Father Josek seemed to fizzle the scroll and it was worthless to save Telchar. My lesser restorations helped a little but he was still an idiot. Thankfully fighters don’t have to be too bright to swing a sword, so we pressed on.

We traveled through more caverns under we came to a room covered in blood. I had never seen anything like this before. I have seen what animals can do to other animals. I mean really have you seen what a dire tiger can do to a little fluffy bunny? There were not even enough bits to know what kind of humanoid it was. From a gore covered scrap of fabric Lexia found we could deduce that it was our missing guards. It was then that the howling began.

At the first sound of the howling Tyrel ran out of there as fast as he could. I have never seen him run that fast before, and that includes when he had angry fathers on his heels. As he didn’t look like he was going to be coming back any time soon we began to fight these creatures. Mei took on one of the hound things, and I thought we had them until out of the wall came this large humanoid wielding this wicked looking Falchion. That thing tore into poor Father Josek, and very well killed him. I did what I could by buffing and stabilizing my friends, but I feel it was not enough. In these tight corners my summoned creatures are limited. Oh yes by bringing in a huge creature I could do a lot of damage to these things, but when there is not enough room for them to move what should I do? I was able to bringing in two large air elementals to help kill the things. It was a tough fight, and we didn’t come out of it completely unscathed. Mei was nearly killed by those creatures, and so was Josek and Terran. I have been mending Telchar’s ‘Fluffy Bunny’ due to the acid those creatures excreted.

It is not a matter of if we must venture out again to strange lands but it is a matter of how soon. Lexia is going to spend a week researching. I’m going to spend the week trying to find out about this place we are supposed to be going to. The last time we left this place we nearly froze to death in blizzards and had to climb up and down sides of mountains. I know what I need to be doing starting first thing in the morning.



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