The Runelords will Rise

To Lake Stormunder we go

AKA, mind the drop

You know how you can look back and you can’t help a giddly laugh. Before we started out I had talked with toby about how much it would cost to pack some admantine weapons, arrow, and bolts just to be on the safe side. Telchar has Fluffy bunny but it would be helpful. Toby respond that it really it didn’t seem needed because, hey, how likely are we to run into some creature that would require it. Remind me to smack him when I get back into town! Not only did we run into something, we ran into 4 something’s and more!

Let’s start at the beginning. A little bit of gold passed hands and we were teleported away to Lake Stormunder near the Kodar Moutains. It is there where the Rimeskull could be found. We can across 7 stone monoliths with one in the center. The stones appeared if they had been carved just yesterday even though we know them to be 10’s of thousands of years old. I’ve danced around a few stone circles in my day but this one is a bit creepy. Lexie was able to determine that the monoliths were actually carved heads of each of the rune lords. Thanks to her knowledge and the research she had been doing in the library she was able to ascertain that we had a cast a spell on each stone head the corresponding school of magic it was associated with. As we cast each spell onto the stone is was absorbed in and it began to glow. From the mouth of each head we extracted a key, correction the rest of us hid over the edge of the ridge while someone else was taking the keys from the mouths. I will admit we are a WEE BIT paranoid.

Granted we had every right to be paranoid especially since we no more got the keys when out of the sky came a huge white dragon! There we tales of this dragon for centuries from locals but there had been no sign of it for almost 200 years. Just our luck we find the blasted thing! We didn’t manage to kill the thing but we did drive it off. I had to turn into a huge fire elemental to even think about doing any damage to it but as a group we drove it off to its lair, where ever that is. Unfortunately Josek had been picked up by the thing and dropped. He was lucky to be alive from that fall. It then tried to do the same thing with Lexi, but her fun was that it sat on her and tried to squish her.

Now that we have our keys we made our way up the great stairs, still in fire elemental form I climbed. Up we went into the maw of the cave in the mountain. At the top Telchar, Jonathan, and Morf reached a landing, and found trouble. The winds up there were terrible, and made Tyrell’s ranged attacks more difficult. This did not help the fact we were dealing with TWO greater earth elementals. I work with elementals all the time, and know they are not easy to take down, another reason why I like throwing them in front of bad guys to protect my friends. They were hitting our guys and knocking them back, and could have knocked them off the ledge and down into the valley. Not good. Thankfully none of our guys fell, but I had to call forth other mighty creatures to defeat them. I didn’t know what lay ahead but using such powerful magic now would make us more vulnerable later on. We then pressed on into the cave mouth.



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