Meadow's Fire Pelt Animal Companion


Baheera is abnormally large for his species. While most of his kind top out at 120 pounds Baheera weighs 700 pounds, and is the size of a small horse. His coat is the color of late fall leaves, and dark smokey grey.

STR 20
DEX 16
CON 18
WIS 15

Bite D8+ STR (Imagine a maw that is big enough to swallow your whole face)
2 claws D6+ STR each (Imagine two plate size paws hitting you with 5 dagger size claws)

Speed: 50 (1/ hr do a 10x speed charge at a foe)
Size: Large
space: 5×10
+14 Acrobatics


Baheera has been Meadow’s companion ever since Meadow’s previous companion was killed protecting their part up on Thiseltop. He knows that by choosing to be at her side it could mean his death but he is loyal and faithful to her. Besides she gives the best tummy scratches….

He may be large but he is nearly as agile as a rogue, and far more loveable. His favorite foods are small birds, and bowls of cream. His temperament is rather good. Many see his size and think he is all teeth and claws. Like any animal if you hurt him or those he cares about he WILL hurt you. If you are kind to him, he will be nice to you. Just keep in mind while your little house cat rubbing up against you is cute, having a 700 pound mound of muscle do it could cause you to fall on your backside. His favorite place to sleep is in front of the fire place, or next to Meadow’s bed. How meadow manages to sleep through the sounds of his loud purring every night is beyond many people’s imagination.


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