Meadow Rosalia

5'3" 117 pound Half elf Varisian Druid with long Auburn hair, and emerld green eyes


Meadow is a relatively well liked girl who lives on the edge of town with her mother and a few cousins in a small farm house. It has been a family owned home for several generations. It is a place for the families’ caravans to have a safe place to restock, and rest. For the past 17 years her mother had been the care taker of the house, and ran a small herb and magic supply shop. Meadow has been learning the trade and caring for the local animals around town. Meadow has a good kind heart and try’s to do what is best for those around her. Just as she doesn’t like to see plants or animals destroyed, she knows that in order to live some must die. You hunt to feed yourself and your family that is the way of things. If you need to hunt to practice your skills, don’t leave the kill to rot, it must have a purpose. Meadow’s favorite is to take extra meat, berries, and nuts she collects to the less fortunate around town.

Meadow has been making a name for herself as a little bit of an animal healer/ calmer. By no means is she excellent at it but she has helped the local farrier with difficult horses, trained a few guard dogs, and has been a favorite of some of the local children. The children find a hurt bird, squirrel, or mouse and she will heal the animal, to the children’s delight.

Meadow isn’t a great fighter but she is the best fighter at her family homestead. Occasionally things do wander in from the forest, but with her companion Autumn, she can protect her family. Despite her linage, her family means the world to her. The outside world accepts her but she is still viewed as different. Her father’s kin see her as an abomination, and not worth their time, while many humans can’t quite understand her. It makes Meadow feel like an outsider where ever she goes, even when the people are welcoming.

It is for that reason that Meadow wears her long hair pulled back just enough to cover the tips of her pointed ears so she appears more human. There is little that she can do about her emerald eyes, but at least they were green like the rest of the family, just not the ‘normal’ color. She did have auburn hair which was uncommon, but thank fully she wasn’t the only one in her family with it. Theirs was thick and like strands of cotton, while hers is like waterfalls of silken threads. When she has a free moment she likes to keep flowers in her hair, and even make a few flower wreaths for the children around the village to make them smile.


Meadow’s mother, Ilaria Rosalia, was part of the Rosalia merchant family caravan. It was a small operation of Varisian clans that worked together to create a network of supply lines for many of the villages. Ilaria was apprenticed to one of the clan herbalists/ alchemists when she was invited to travel with him to do trade in some rare alchemical ingredients. They we nearly to the place of trade when they were forced to stop due to a freak snow storm, to this day she is not sure why she woke up at such an odd hour in the night. Through the blowing wind she heard something, putting on warm clothing she went out to investigate. Finding a small lantern, she followed the sound to the edge of the woods. What she found there caused her to scream so loud she woke the entire camp.

On the edge of the woods she found a man covered in frozen blood. He seemed to have been beaten and nearly sliced to ribbons. All he wore was tattered clothing, and what was left of a gray cloak. The elders late said that without that cloak, he might have died sooner. Her screams brought help. The man, who she found to be an elf, was brought into her master’s tent. Under her master’s direction they began treating the man’s wounds. Ilaria took great care in cleaning his wounds, and caring for his needs.

By the next morning the storm had let up enough they could travel on, but they feared they would do more damage to the elf but they could not risk being caught out in another storm. Ilaria volunteered to stay by his side in the wagon to see to his needs. He did not stir for over a day, yet she sat by him and looked after his wounds. It was late one night when she again woke to a sound to find emerald green eyes watching her. He smiled then fell back into a restful sleep.

The next morning the arrived into town, and their elven passenger could finally tell his story. His name was Fakasfindraug Dlarlithseer. He was originally part of a group of elven adventurers, but they had been ambushed in the wild by creatures of the night. He didn’t go into too much detail about what happened, but it was safe to say he was the only one who survived. He had survived for several days trying to make it to the nearest town, when the storm moved in. With his protection from the elements in tatters he soon succumbed to the elements. It was only by the grace of the gods that Ilaria found him.

Even with the healing he was able to receive it still left him with a limp. Now not being able to be a highly effective warrior, and no other place to go; he stayed with the caravan acting as a guard, and keeping the troop supplied with arrows and bolts. As time went on he became to be known as Din Gloss, or Gloss. It was elvish for Silent Snow, to describe how they found him. It originally irritated him, but through his friendship to Ilaria that he came to admit that his name could be a mouth full to humans. Within two seasons Illaria and Gloss began to realize there was starting to be more to them than just friend ship. There was something about this spunky intelligent girl that intrigued Gloss, and something about the quiet but powerful man that drew Ilaria to him. Ilaria’s mother was fine with her being friends with Gloss but when their relationship took the step beyond that… belligerent were an understatement.

Ilaria’s mother had expect to marry her off to one of the other clans’ leader’s sons. She didn’t expect her daughter to tall in love with some pointy eared devil! It was Ilaria’s father who managed to create a compromise, but it would be a great cost. The clan placed Illaria in Sand point at the family home located there to manage it and run a small business from there. That would allow Illaria to ‘clear her head’. Truthfully, he knew it would get the two of them out of the public eye and to a place where they could be in peace. It wasn’t that Gloss wasn’t liked; it was just that the relationship rubbed people the wrong way. At least in Sand Point they could have a new life together.

Her father took her to Sand point along with Gloss. They were married in the temple, and made their home at the homestead. At the time, it was in a bit of disrepair, but they made the best of it. By the time a year had past Meadow Lark Rosalia had been born.

Meadow was the apple of her father’s eye. He called her his little Wilwarin, or butterfly. She loved to tag along with her father into the forest to collect wood for the arrows he made. She would go with him around town as he made her mother’s deliveries of herbs, spell components and tobacco. It was he that taughter her about her elven heritage, and the world around her. Meadow remembers most the times when they would sit by the hearth fire, he would hold her, stroke her hair and tell her stories from his past. Meadow loved her father very much.

While Meadow’s home life was good her public life was a little touch. Meadow was always well liked but she was often teased because of her ears, eyes and hair. It also didn’t help that she often acted younger than her actual age. It bothered her grandmother, and some of the older ladies in the village that Meadow didn’t walk until she was two and half years old. Gloss said she was fine. He was 10 years old before he started walking; then again he was a full blood elf. Her whole time growing up Meadow continually ran into developmental issues compared to her peers. She was always much smaller than the kids her own age, which made her an easy target for bullying. They pick on her for her ears, her hair, her father, that she was so small, and couldn’t do the things they could. It was for that reason she preferred playing with children younger than herself, and the local animals around town.

When she was 12 her world turned upside down. Her mother, father and she had been invited to travel to Magnimar to do trade in the saffron, cloves, and other herbs they had cultivated. To this day the night is splashes of color to Meadow. All she can remember is her mother tucking her in the wagon, and her father giving her a goodnight kiss, and falling asleep. Only to be awoken hours later by her mother shouting, and wrapping her in a blanket. With Meadow being only the size of a small seven year old, he mother carried her through the forest, limbs scraping her arms and face. Meadow remembers heat coming from their camp, and the sounds guttural snarling of …something. Her mother left her between two large rocks, and returned to camp to help.

Meadow stayed in the woods until dawn, when the bird’s chirps seemed to signal the all clear.
As Meadow walked into camp, her blanket trailing behind her, she found her place of safety shattered. The mists of the morning held the smell of the quenched fire, but the silence of the camp is what scared Meadow the most. She saw her mother kneeling in the dirt, crying. Meadow tried to run to her but her grandfather, who was a great bear of a man himself, carried her away, kicking and screaming. It was he that told her that her father was dead. He had covered the group’s retreat into the woods with his bow, killing many of the attacks, but it was not enough. He was felled, but the rest of the clan got away that night. Including my father, only 4 men died that night thanks to his efforts. In the past members of the clan had considered him an outsider to our clan, but that night he was one of us. When Meadow and her mother returned home he was laid to rest as an honored dead of the clan. His head stone read, “Here lies to his kins men Fakasfindraug Dlarlithseer, but to his family Gloss Rosalia. May he find peace with his Gods.”

Times were a bit touch after that for her mother and herself. The clan themselves tried to help. Gloss may not have been of blood but he was family. There were a few cousins who had the wander lust, and so were sent to help with the farm. That gave Meadow and her mother a few extra hands about the farm. They helped repair the barn on the property, so that they could now stable a few horses for travelers to bring in a little extra coin. Meadow’s mother poured her heart into taking care of those who could not help themselves. Her skills mixing herbs, and charms were well known around the town, and her business grew to the point where they weren’t going to starve. Meadow helped out by hunting in the woods to bring in fresh meat, nuts, and berries to supplement what they had. Meadow found that she felt closer to her father when she was in the woods hunting. She also found she seemed to get along better with the animals in the stables. Started teaching the local dogs, and ponies a few little tricks to make the local children happy. Locals started to notice Meadow’s way with animals. Teach a dog not to chase the chickens earned her a dozen of eggs, keeping a notoriously cranky pony calm while the farrier did his feet, earned her a couple coppers. Meadow liked helping people and being with animals. That is why when Benny showed up when Meadow was 16 it made her so miserable.

Benvolio Molienni, a 17 year old 3rd cousin up the line somewhere, had been sent to Sand Point due to some unpleasantness that happened back in Magnimar. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he had a way about him. He would often plan tricks on people, and animals around town. He wasn’t meaning to be cruel; he just thought it was funny. Dying the poor ponies’ hair pink was amusing, but the fact it wouldn’t wash out was not. His favorite target to bully was Meadow. As far as the clan was concerned Meadow was of age and could take care of herself. Given the Meadow was so much smaller than those around her she knew an offensive approach to would not work. She could see better at night than her cohorts, so could see them hiding in the shadows, and be able to avoid them. She began to develop a keen sense of knowing where trouble was about to happen and avoid it. This only made Benny more determined to catch her.

When Meadow was 18 the clan decided that it was time for her to marry, and began sending suitors Meadow’s way. She was a likeable girl, and pretty. She had a good skill, and could make a good wife. Unfortunately there was the issue of ‘mixed blood’ to deal with. Many families were not wanting to add her ‘bad’ blood to their blood line; those that did offer suitors where bastard children of lower caste families. Many of them were half elves too but they didn’t have much promise to their lives. Many were in the unsavory arts, or were such foul mouthed asses that no one wanted them. Meadow turned them all down, and when they didn’t take a hint she trained the barn cats to wiz all over their bedding. Maybe that way they would finally understand the term, ‘piss off’!

Meadow was happy being herself, she didn’t want to marry. She had a love for the world that came from her mother’s people’s drive to see the wonders of it, and her father’s drive to become part of it. They sometimes warred against each other. Everything was fine until Meadow’s 25th birthday, when her grandfather showed up at her door. He simply told her that he was taking her to Magnimar in three days’ time, and there would be no discussion. Meadow was devastated. She didn’t want to be away from her mother, especially after what happened with her father but knew that when grandpa put his mind to it, you did what he said. Her mother helped her pack a backpack and helped her gather her things. As she was climbing up on the small wagon, her mother gave her a good bye hug, and whispered in her ear, ‘Be nice to the men Meadow, and they will be nice to you.’ Her words sent shivers down Meadow’s spine. Meadow put on a brave face and followed her grandfather out of town, hoping she would see her mother again.

The trip to Magnimar was uneventful, but the fear Meadow had in gut tripled when their wagon came to a rest in front of a gated Manor house where loud male voices could be heard. After her grandfather spoke to the man at the gate they were shown in. The house was beautiful, and had an ancient oak in the middle of the garden, its branches reaching up into the night sky. A servant showed them up the stairs to a small room, where her grandfather kissed her goodbye and like her mother said ‘Be good to the men Meadow, and they will be nice to you.’ She was then left alone in the room. The servants would tell her nothing other than the Masters and Mistress would deal with her in the morning. Meadow cried herself to sleep that night. She felt so cut off from everything that she knew. She wasn’t even allowed to bring her cat, Mittens, with her. Mittens would always lick her tears when she was sad. Most of all she felt cut off from her father. Despite been gone for many years, she always felt that she could ‘feel’ him in the trees, and the plants around her. Here in the large city, she couldn’t hear the birds, only the scratch of rats. She couldn’t smell the flowers on the trees, only the stench of raw sewage.
It was well before dawn when Meadow awoke form a terrible nightmare of her home on fire, and woods on fire. Everything that she knew was being burned away. The confines of the bedroom were stifling to her. She ran out into the garden, barefoot in her night dress, crying until she was at the foot of the great tree. In the cold night air she cried for the loss of her father, and of her family. She was so upset that she didn’t notice that she was not alone in the garden. When she felt the touch of someone’s hand on her shoulder, Meadow instinctively crawled away quickly lest they hurt her as other’s had done. Looking up at the one who touched her, she saw the surprised face of a very beautiful female elf.

She was in the robes of a cleric of Erastil, and offered a hand to Meadow. Though elven she didn’t judge Meadow, just offered to take her to the kitchens and get her warm food and drink. They sat and chatted until the sun rose. When the question of why are you here came up, Meadow again fell into weeping. Meadow managed to get out between her sobs about how she felt she was being turned over to the men here as a prostitute. The Elf’s reaction was instantiations. Her shouts echoed across the house. Within moments, men in various states of undress appeared carrying weapons ready to attack the foe who dared attack their home, only to find a VERY angry elf, and weeping girl waiting for them. The elf demanded an explanation for the Varisan man holding a short sword. At the sound of his voice, Meadow looked up to see her cousin Benny. This was highly confusing.

Benny said something that earned himself a smack up the back of the head from the Elf. She ordered the rest of them back to bed, and Benny to come over and explain what was going on to the poor girl. Meadow was not being made a prostitute. In fact her family had sent her to Benny’s home in the hopes of her finding a husband in the city. Benny thought it would be funny to make her think she was being ‘sent to a house of ill repute’. The slap of anger that Meadow landed upon Benny’s face rang across the kitchen. The array of cursing and names that Meadow called Benny in elvish made even the elf smirk. All Benny could say was he was sorry. She spat in his face and stormed off, still barefoot and in her night gown to the stables.

A few hours later Benny found her still there, currying and grooming the horses. Now dressed in some old clothes she had found, she was working off her anger by caring for the horses. By now most of Meadow’s anger at Benny had morphed into anger at her whole family for dragging her off to a place that she didn’t like and never wanted to be. Benny explained that just as he had been sent to Sand Point in order to get his head on straight when he was young they felt it was high time he return the favor and offer it to Meadow. He pulled no punches telling her how the family felt she was a disappointment because she had not married, and was already 26 years old. All these years Meadow had taken the defensive position and it was high time she took an offensive one. She proceeded to tell Benny what she thought of the families’ opinion of her, and how they always expected her to be the good HUMAN girl they expected her to be. Being told to ‘grow up and find a mate’ when you are little more than a child does not sit well. Meadow is no one but herself, and if someone wants her to be anything but herself she had a load of horse poop she could show them. That got a smile out of him. This was the girl he knew Meadow to be.
It took a little doing but with the help of his cleric friend they found a druidic order in one of the large forests who would be willing to take her in. Meadow had the drive and ability, which was obvious, what she lacked, was the training. Benny made it his mission to make sure Meadow got what she deserved, though he still says the fact that his horse has this habit of when Benny says a certain word will dump him in the nearest pile of dung might be Meadow’s doing. He admits he deserves it.
Meadow spent the rest of the year in the forest. What happened there is a secret, but it is safe to say that Meadow will never be alone anymore now that she has Autumn, a 12 month old fire pelt, that she helped raise and is now her companion. Meadow returned to Sand Point to begin her life again. She has found her faith, and purpose in life. In the meantime, she is going to enjoy time with her family and old friends.

Meadow Rosalia

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