Stone Giant Transmuter, Servant of Greed


Mokmurian was a powerful transmuter and the first giant servant of Karzoug. A runt by Stone Giant standards, he compensated for his lack of stature with a brilliant mind and dedication to Transmutation magic.


A runt by Stone Giant standards, Mokmurian was driven from his tribe when he attacked his father and mother.

Mokmurian wandered Varsia, eventually becoming a powerful transmuter and united the Giants of the Storval Plateau under the banner of the Runelord Karzoug. The giant appeared to have regularly communed with the Runelord Karzoug, though, the nature of these divinations were lost when he died. A student of Thassilon, Mokmurian spent many of his days and nights studying within the ancient library deep below the fortress of Jorgenfist.

The party, having gained the alliance of the Stonegiant Oracle Kona and the rest of the Stone Giants, attacked and killed Mokmurian and his Hill Giant allies. The defeat of Mokmurian splintered and scattered the remaining tribes of Giants and Ogres, and returned control of the Stone Giants to Kona.

Mokmurian was killed by the party in the year 4707 AR below Jorgenfist.


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