treasure for end of chapter 2.


OK Here is the latest treasure list as of 4/7/2013. I am missing prices on a some items. Crystal decanter in sawmill, masks of the 14 followers, scyth and cloak on that golum we fought in tower. The silver mirror we found in that room and the silver ring in that room.

Also we need to see what everyone wants to keep.

List of treasure as of 4/7/2013

6000 gp to each player from gratefull city.


mw long sword selling for 189 gp

sack with 200 PP. worth 2000 gp

Legal papers for townhome and family estate

Ledger book for townhome


160 gp

14 hand crossbows sell for 60 each total 840

14 war razors sell for 4 gp 8 sp each total: 67.2 gp

14 leather armor can sell for 6 each. total 84 gp

reaper mask on justicar sell for 6000

14 normal masks magical price unknown.

Buckler +1 sell for 693 gp (tyrell)

+1 short sword sell for 1386 gp

Mithral chain shirt sell for 660 gp (tyrell)

Mw handcrosbow sell for 240 gp

wand of cure moderate wounds 2 charges left. Party Usage

3 bags of 100 gp each total 300 gp

crystal decanter price unknown (Joscek)

3 vial of barkskin (+2, second level version) sell for 180 each total: 540 gp (joscek)

3 poorly cut diamonds. full price is 600 may get ground up for dust.

Fine Painting sell price is 120 gp (joscek)

Spell book. Did not write spells down. Russell has.

old tome. valuble book, sell for 300 gp


125 gp

309 sp which equals 30.9 gp

silver mirror price unknown

silver ring price unknown

scyth unknown

cloak unknown

Top Floor of clock tower:

spear ( Impelar of thorns, artifact) sell price 5400

mask of the medusa sell price 6000 gp

medalion. ( +1 to all saves )sell price 2100 gp (Joscek)

Tunic ( 1 ac, +1 dex sv vs poison) sell price 4800 (Brian)

33000 cp which equals 330 gp

8100 sp which equals 810 gp

900 gp

100 pp which equals 1000 gp

gems and Jewlry which equils 4200 gp

4 potions of cure moderate for the party

kukri +2 sell for 4800 gp

ring of Jumping sell price 1500 gp

scarab of golum bane sell price 1500 gp

total amount each player will get from Gems and Jewelry and cash. this DOES NOT include the 6000 each player got from city. : 9855.9/6 = 1642.65 gp each.

Total cost of items to date subject to change as some prices are found and as people choose what they would like to pick. I sold all weapons, armor and magic items, and art works. Including the 3 vials of BARKSKIN. I am not sure the value of the estates if any. Also this does not have the value of the Spell book that we found.

Tentative Totat value of treasue sold: 37299.2


treasure for end of chapter 2.

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