The Runelords will Rise

Building a life at home

We returned home victorious, but not to say a little battered. The gold that we have come into has benefited us greatly. I was able to spend some time in Magnimar to upgrade the spells on a couple of my items.
It was good to see my shop being built. Toby has the place working well. It is going to take most of the month to have it built and making money. Toby’s work has been bringing in some gold already. He is an accomplished alchemist. Between him and Antonio the shop is will do well. Antonio is bit pompous, but he does his work well. His father was a leather smith, and had begun to teach him the trade until Antonio began showing signs of magic. Antonio has just finished is magical schooling and now must make his way in the world. He had worked for a small magic shop in Magnimar for a year but he wasn’t happy there. Through his father, Toby was able to reach out to Antonio to see if he would be interested in the job in my new shop in Sand Point. Initially he wasn’t that interested, but we were able to tempt him away with the offer of a room of his own, proper equipment, and the possibility of advancement. Toby later told me, that it was the offer of his own room that got him. Apparently he had been staying in a bunk area with the local black smith’s son, and two other men who had no respect for anyone who couldn’t swing a sword. After that a room to himself was VERY appealing.
My hatchery is full of chickens, and we have eggs and chickens to sell. Due to my fame I have been approached by a few local nobles about studding out Stormshadow for a handsome fee. One noble has a beautiful chestnut mare that I am interested in purchasing from him. I may approach Father Joseck to broker a deal for me to trade stud services for the mare. If he got 2-3 new fine foals for the cost of one mare, it might not be a bad trade.
I had hoped to start bringing in some exotics soon, but it will depend on what comes my way. If I was approached to train a willing Pegasus or Griffon, then sure I have no problem doing that. On the other hand raising an intelligent creature strictly for profit is dark. There other side of the coin is would I rather it be raised by someone evil, or by me who would at least give the animal the option to do it. I would provide food and shelter for them until they wish to make the choice for themselves. Just as a young warrior comes to a master to be trained, I will offer my services to them. I fear I will never be able to have a unicorn in my stable. The saw mill, and industry of this area is hard enough for me to bear let alone a creature as pure as them.
Winter in coming and I must prepare my green house and fields. I am enjoying my green house. Between my magic and Antonio’s it has begun to thrive. The belladonna is growing, as well as the garlic. I am hoping to start raising some wormwood. Not only is it a good antibiotic oil, and good for some stomach ailments, but the brewery has made mention of wanting some for absinthe. I also want to have a good stock of wolfs bane on hand given the luck of my friends. The green house should also be able to provide various herbs and the like for Toby’s alchemy and Antonio’s spells. Maybe one day I will be able to acquire a Golden Maple tree which will make our business even more profitable. In the mean time I will enjoy the peace while it lasts.

Thorugh a crack in the wall

We proceeded into the fissure in the wall of the cave. At times we had to squeeze through. I am glad that Mei is so small she just shimmied on through. The fissures brought us out into tunnels that Telchar assured us was under that citadels. The first creature we ran into was a kobold. Normally those things are relatively harmless, but there was something about her that wasn’t …right. Vicious was an understatement. It took some doing but we were able to kill her. Just as the smallest snake can carry the deadliest poison do not underestimate a small creature to be truly ‘harmless’.

Morfin scouted ahead while I stayed in bat form hidden above ready to provide back up. Hey he can go scouting all he wants; I am not going to go out looking around by myself anymore. Being his little bat winged back up is perfectly fine by me.

Morfin found a few giants and thanks to a carefully laid plan we were able to stop them quickly and quietly. Morfin was a little hesitant to let Telchar know what he had found. In the forge room there were a series of cages that had access to the bellows of the fire. Inside were shaved dwarves. Now I like a freshly shaved man, no question, but dwarves are meant to be short hairy and a bit foul tempered. The fact these dwarves were shaved both of face and head was an insult beyond injury. I have a funny feeling we couldn’t have stopped Telchar from killing the giants in that room if we tried. Once the dwarves were freed, we left them with weapons and food from our stores. It wasn’t much but at least they can feel like dwarves again.

Morfin did find a secret room that overlooked the buildings central open air shaft. In the open air area he found some giants, and one especially fearsome looking one talking in whispers. He returned to us and we tried to make a plan to deal with them. We thought we could just set off our whole necklace of fireballs we had acquired off the body of the Kobold. It seemed like a waste to use that much firepower to take out so few giants. The only thing was we were not sure if the big ugly guy Morfin saw was the bad guy we had to kill. We ultimately decided to just bar the door to the secret room, and go around to face them. Who knows what we might find along the way.

We made our way into the main dining hall, past the giant’s kitchen. There was a female giant inside cooking and making a lot of noise. We decided not to attack her but try to quickly cross the room before she could be alerted. What we didn’t count on was the mural on the wall come to life. The haunt that came out of it was a brutally murdered giant. Poor Mei was lucky to not fallen over dead from fright. The haunt coming to life alerted the female giant to our presence. This could have been a bad thing, but turned out it was very helpful. She didn’t attack us; in fact she appeased the haunt so that we could pass safely. The haunt was of her late husband who had been brutally murdered by her son. Her son had found dark magics associated with the 7 point star groups we have been following. All of the giants, and ogres that were outside were under this guy’s command. Since he was the chief his people were following his orders, no matter how bad they were. We had to promise to avoid killing any of the giants as much as possible. They were simply followers who are doing what their leader tells them, even if the leader is a power mad, homicidal, dark magic corrupted piece of dragon dung. She pointed out the best way to go, and where to find her son. We are not preparing to go down the ramp into the deep underground of where this giant’s temple/ site of horrors or whatever bad thing you can think of is located. All we can say is onwards!

This is not my job...contiuned.

Why am I the one who always gets into these things? I do know why I get myself into these things but that doesn’t mean I like this. Yes I am the best person to scout things out from the air. My problem is that I have in the past day been chased like a flying mouse by not only Wyverns but also Raptor like Rocs. My cohorts may think this is a little bit funny but I will tell you it is not. I do NOT like acting like bait for these things.

The fight with Rocs was a mess, which turned into a pile of dragon dung, which could have ended up with us as corpses but thankfully we managed to get away from hordes of Giants that followed the giant KABOOMS of our spells. Granted we needed those spells to kill those things, but still yikes. With the spell of Ant haul I was able to carry half our group away, while Lexia carried the other half. Thankfully my ability to leave no tracks allowed us not to be followed. I have made a mental note to ALWAYS prepare the pass without a trace spell just for cases like this. We spent the night in the shelter build by Lexis’s magic. It was a little creepy given that it was made from the discarded bones of the Wyvern’s victims.

The next morning, we decided to take on those spider things. We knew it was going to be dangerous but not sure how much. I am naturally very perceptive, but even I didn’t see these things spring out to attack us. Weird, un-natural, and downright creepy doesn’t even describe these things. Thankfully we were able to kill them, but it wasn’t easy. Lexia’s flaming sphere burned away enough webs to allow for us to find fissures in the rock. It is our hope that whatever we find there will be less dangerous than what is outside in the valley.

This is not my job....

“This is so NOT my job.. This is so not my job… NOT my JOB!” ….

You ever have those days when you are “Yes! I am in my element” then all of a sudden your next concern is am I going to be dragon chow? Yeah I am having one of those days. My nature spells have made travel in the cold and snow easier than it could it has been. I’m not saying it isn’t arse biting cold up here and the air is a wee bit thin but at least we are not turning into frozen adventure statues.

We camped at night and by me being able to fly around fairly inconspicuous I have been able to map out the lay of the valley. That is good thing; the bad thing is that I then had to scout out the three caves I found. The first small cave just plain gave me the creeps. It was a cave of spiders, not just a few but thousands crawling everywhere. What was worse was that there were 2 “things” in the back of the cave that were no natural. They were MADE of spiders. Needles s to say I got out of there real fast.

I then went to the next cave, and it is only by the grace of Desna that I got out of there alive. Somehow I managed to find a crevice near the door to the cave that I wasn’t seen. I found the dammed young red dragon we fought before. I am not one to kill a living creature but personally I would like to see his hide turned into hearth rug. In the mean time I also did not want to end up INSIDE his lizard suit while he was wearing it. I beat a hasty retreat out of there.

I also stopped outside the entrance to the last cave. After seeing that blood dragon I didn’t know what I was going to find in that place. The outside had the skulls of various large animals including dire boars. I have called dire boars in to help us fight. They are not exactly easy things to kill! I didn’t go in there and didn’t plan to any time soon.

“The plans of mice and men often go awry”, is an old saying and it held true today. I returned to my friends and reported what I found. I thought should I would get to rest and not take on whatever was in that final cave of death I had not scouted. HA! However did I let them talk me into it. Sure I don’t look out of place flying around the mountains in my forms but that doesn’t mean creatures can’t see me, and possibly even attack me. I don’t sneak. I just look like I belong there, but I am not invisible. We needed to know what was in there but why did it have to be me going into there? Oh yeah I am the only one who could get over there without being killed at first sight. I left my friends with the comment that if I ran into trouble and didn’t return they had better come save my ass. I no more stick my nose in that cave when I have not one but three dragoneque creatures flying after me, and wanting me for the next meal. I fly out of there pulling manures I had only dreamed of. They can’t catch me because of the maneuvers I am pulling but I need help if I am going to make it through this. So my friends, here I come with three bad guys on my tail now SAVE MY ASS!!!

Before Leaving for the Storm Giants

“Easy with the livestock, sailor!” Meadow shouted as a sailor tugged on the large stallion’s halter rope.

“He’s been prancing on my deck ever since we came in sight of the city.” The sailor grumbled. “He’s a menace to my ship.”

“Seaman, word to wise, druids tends to value animal lives as much as a human, especially one’s that they are close to.” The half elf Tobias Worthington warned as he took the horses lead rope from him. “Come on boy, we have some nice warm mash waiting for you.” He rubbed the horse’s nose.

“He is a war horse who has been kept on board a ship for the past week. What do you expect?” Meadow snapped at the man as she examined her horse Stormshadow. “No injuries, and no signs of other damage. Let’s get him and his friends off the boat.” She nodded to Toby, and patted her horses neck as she went to the next horse in the line.
Meadow had agreed to meet the ship from Fort Ranek. She and her companions had shipped their horses home. They had teleported home a week ago to stop an attack on Sand Point. They couldn’t take their horses with them. Meadow was lucky she was able to bring Mei home with her.

Between herself and Toby they were able to unload the horses, and make sure they had been well taken care of. “Thank you for your assistance, captain.” Meadow tipped the man 5 gold coins. “I would hope that any more special cargo that needs transported by myself or my friends are treated just as well.”

“You can count on that M’Lady.” He tipped his hat to her and went back to his ship.

“Where do we need to take the horses from here?” Toby asked as he took the lead ropes of half the horses, and Meadow took the others.

“I have procured a stable for them for the night. Depending on what my companions want done with them, a caravan will be leaving in the morning for Sandpoint; at least, you, your three assistants, and Stormshadow to go with them.”

“Is this wise given what you have told me?” He asked in a hushed whisper as they made their way through the streets.

“Think of this way, if I don’t complete my mission you still get paid.” Meadow gave him a cheeky smile.

“That isn’t very reassuring.” Toby grumped.

“What is to worry about? You have plans, you have your assistants, and your mage friend is meeting you in Sand Point. You have all the help you need.” Meadow smiled. “Then again you do have me concerned.”

“About what?” He stopped walking for a moment.

“This.” She quickly reached over and snatched the back of a small halfling’s shirt. “Give back the purse, you just stole, or you will find out what it means to be fed to the lions.” Meadow let some of her wild magic come to the fore front of her mind. For a moment the Halfling could see her eyes turn cat like, and her hand grow long claws. He let out an “Eeep!” And handed back the pouch he had taken, and scurried off into the crowd. “Predators of all kinds are around us. I am worried you won’t protect my investments. My nest egg, if you will.”

Toby held up a finger, “One, how did you do that? And two, I will make sure nothing like that happens again.”

“When you live as I do, you learn to notice many things.” She handed his pouch back to him, and took out 5 silvers from her own pouch. “Including…” She turned to see where a child was hiding behind a wagon wheel. “You, child, come here.” The small human child, which turned out to be a little girl, peeked out, afraid. “I won’t hurt you. Please, come out.”

Carefully she did, and walked up to the pair of them. “Here is 5 silver. “ From a bag on her hip Meadow produced a small package of dried meat. “Share it with your friends, but …” she got down so she was eye to eye with the girl. “See to it that my friend, and I are left alone until we leave the city. If we are accosted again, no more will be freely given.”

“Yes mam’” The girl nodded, as Meadow put the coins in her hand.

“Off with the lot of you.” Meadow made a shooing gesture with her hand. In response ten children in various places scampered off quickly.

“Was that necessary?” Toby asked as they continued walking.

“Maybe, Maybe not, but it makes sure that the pack of hungry thieves we were about to walk into didn’t try to take the horses, or anything from our pockets. They do what they do because they must survive somehow. They have food, and the silver should appease their masters for now. We are no longer a concern for them. Give any animal no reason to harm you and they will leave you alone; quite simple really.” Meadow smirked.

“Do you consider everyone an animal?” Toby glared at her.

“No, not everyone, but after seeing some people eat and drink, it makes one wonder.” Meadow walked on, with Toby laughing behind her.

Down time in Magnimar

Bennie was eyeing the pretty bar maid in his favorite pub , The Red headed Parrot. The bar maid was making her way through the winding tables of the tavern showing off just how flexible she might be in other endeavors. He was ignoring his companions while they talked amongst themselves. Just he started to flirt with her his comment was interrupted by a calico cat jumping down into his lap, then onto the table splatting his stout all over himself, the bar maid and some of his less than savory neighbors.

His friends started laughing at his ‘misfortune’; Harold , Bennie’s Brutish body guard, petted the cat and scratched under her chin.

“I don’t see why you are being nice to that thing.” Bennie grumbled.

“Aw quit being a sour puss.” Lilly, Bennie’s resident eleven cleric , teased. Bennie made a face at them. Lilly tiled her head looking at the cat, which winked back at her. “She whispered to it, ‘I won’t tell.’”

The cat sat and licked its paws in front of Bennie.

“Look she is nice. “ Harold reached back over and scratched behind the cat’s ear making her purr.

Begrudgingly, Bennie reached over to pet her when out of nowhere the cat took a swipe at him. She didn’t get him, what kind of rogue would he be if he couldn’t avoid a cat swipe. “Why you…” He started to stand to chase the thing when it jumped off the table to the floor. He started to make a kick at it when mid kick it transformed. This obviously surprised him, and he missed his swing and nearly landed on his arse.

The woman before him was angry, “So help me if I find out you have kicked a cat. You will find out what real claws can do to flesh.” Then she turned to Bennie’s companions. “Hello, mind if I join you?”

“By all means,” Lilly gestured to a seat next to her. “It is not often something this entertaining happens in our presense. It is good to see you Meadow.”

“Nice to see you too.” Meadow signaled the bar for an ale.

“What brings you here to Magnimar, other than tormenting your ‘beloved’ cousin?” Harrold asked.

“Buisness, sadly the only place I can find some of the items I need are in cities. Just as you would prefer not trudging through a swamp in winter, I do not like being in a filthy city.”

“What are you looking for? We might be able to help you find it.” Lilly offered.

The bar maid sat down a large stout, and Meadow passed her a gold coin. Given the history Meadow had in the pub, especially with her cousin Bennie, it was best to pay as you drank, and tip well. “I found someone to make the upgrades to my armor I needed, and the other items I will be picking up in a couple days. Most of my days will be in pubs or shopping for restock of my supplies.”

“Sounds, Oh so exciting cousin dear.” Bennie sighed. “Before this shopping trip what were you up to?”

“I was in Sandpoint yesterday, and then up at Fort Ranek before that.”

Harold, whistled. “Quite a traveler there.”

Meadow smiled, “Pays to have a wizard in your company. She made travel a little easier.”

“Is Sandpoint still in one piece? Any serious damage to your mum’s farm?” Bennie asked.

“Not really. Thanks to the quick actions of my friends and the local guardsmen few live stock were taken, and no one was killed. A few manors were seriously damaged, as was the church but shouldn’t take too long to put to rights. Thankfully my dwarven companion Telchar’s shop took no damage. He is working on upgrading weapons right now. Better doing something besides sitting around with your thumb up your bum.”

“Have you thought about opening your own shop?” Lully asked.

“I don’t do cities Lilly. You know that better than anyone.” Meadow glared over the top of her tankard.

“Does it have to be in a city? I mean your mom has the farm back home, couldn’t you make your home in sandpoint?”

“I suppose I could.” Meadow shrugged, “Honestly after the past month it is hard to decide what I want. Mum was so happy to see me after the battle, and was smothering me in attention. “ She sat her tankard down and sighed, “I do miss mum but she is just so…”

“Clingy?” Harold added.

“No exactly. It is hard to define. I am all she has left with my father gone. She wants what best for me but what she sees as best is not always how I see my life.” Meadow turned to Bennie. “You know my mum. Her idea is for me to marry well and work in my husband’s shop. That is not what I want.”

“Well then what do you want? You can’t adventure forever. There is always a claw, sword, or spell with your name on it while you do. “ Bennie honestly told her, “You need to decide what YOU want. A year ago you wanted to become a druid, and it is the happiest I have seen you. You now just have to find what you want your next step to be.”

“To be honest I really don’t know what I want. The family homestead isn’t that bad but I couldn’t live with my mum. I need a place of my own.”

“Here is a thought, “Harold added after a deep drink of his beer, “What makes you happy? In your travels what have you seen that you wish was in your home town? “

“I love working with my animals, and honestly the hardest thing for me to find is refuge for people like me to get things we need. Special saddles for our companions and you don’t exactly come across many collars of natural attack often in your adventures. Though I did see a guy in Magnimar, a special courier using saddle bags of holding. “

“Oh I bet those cost a fortune, but could you think of what all that would mean. “ Bennie looked across the pub thinking.

“Especially , if you say, put them on the back of say my old companion Bagehhra. High strength, can go into the dungeons with you, but the drawback would be if they get freaked out they could run off with your stuff. “Meadow saluted Bennie with her tankard.

“Heh, good point but not a bad idea. “ Bennie smirked.

“I could see some of the guys we know who wouldn’t mind being able to transport extra weapons and armor not to mention how much gear you need on long treks.” Harrold added.

“Don’t remind me, I had to buy 100 pounds of dried meat so that I can feed Mei on our next quest. “ Meadow grumbed into her stout.

“Where are you headed? “ Bennie asked, suddenly very interested.

“Can’t say. And before you ask, it is really best you don’t know. Sometimes one doesn’t need to know when danger is coming. You can only prepare so much before you must let the leaves fall as they may. “ Meadow looked him dead in the eye.

Deciding it was best just to leave it alone; Lilly turned the discussion back to where Meadow wanted to do next. “Let’s see you want to help other people, and work with animals. Have you thought about making a shop to sell your herbs and on the side do those special items you like, and maybe later on build on to it to make it a place where you can train your animals. I know for one a well-trained war horse would fetch a nice price here in Magnimar. “

“So would having a hypogriff to ride into battle.” Harold sighed.

“What’ that all about?” Meadow thumbed at Harold.

“Oh he is just dreaming. One of the guys we know came across an egg that a wizard had in his treasure. Since then they have all been dreaming about the what ifs.” Lilly shook her head.

“What happened to the wizard’s egg?” Meadow asked.

“Far as we know they sold it.” Bennie said non-nonchalantly.

“SOLD IT!” Meadow screeched.

“Calm down. Nothing you can do about it now, but you might be on to something.” Lilly locked eyes with Meadow and ‘suggested’ that she calm down.

“Like what?” Meadow asked angrily.

“Instead of some wizard or cleric possibility experimenting or even using it as a spell ingredient, if you had a place where you could raise them, train them, and make sure they got good homes. “ Lilly suggested.

Meadow thought about it a bit. “That isn’t exactly a bad idea. I would rather a stolen egg that cannot go back to its parents come to me or one of my kind than go to some wizard for his caldron. “

“There you go. Set up for yourself a shop that caters to animal lovers. You make the things your kind need, and sell/ train animals for people. “ Bennie laughed.

“Could be expensive. Getting the kind of things you need are not exactly easy to come by.”

Harrold shook his head. “Besides if you are running all over creation you would need someone to run the shop.”

“Anyone you would recommend?” Meadow looked to the group.

“You can’t be serious?” Bennie looked at her astonished.

“Why couldn’t’ she be?” Lilly looked to the two men. “She has a few days in Maginimar. It IS possible for her to get the documents drawn up and get a shop underway, provided she had the funds and the proper manager.”

“And who are you going to have to take care of all that paperwork?” Bennie scoffed.

“It pays to have friends in the church.” Meadow smirked. “So, DO you have any suggestions?”

“Meadow, you know we don’t always hang out with the best of people.” Bennie warned.

“I am offering a legitimate job offer for someone who has the skill set I need. As long as their honest I would be willing to hear them out.” Meadow looked to those around her hopefully.

“Well… maybe.” Bennie hemed and Hawed. “We know a few guys that are out of work, and could help but I don’t know.”
“There is always Jibber.” Harrold suggested, “He is always in need of a job, and he is honest.”

“Oh sweet gods, Harold. I know the guy needs a job but I would not wish Jibber on anyone.” Lilly rolled her eyes.

“Who’s Jibber?” Meadow asked.

Before Harold could start Lilly spoke up, “Jibber is a gnome friend of ours who is amazing at alechamey.”

“Nothing really wrong with that, so what’s the catch?”

“He’s a half-orc.” Bennie pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Pardon? I thought you said he was a gnome.”

“Well he is, well was actually.” Harold tried to explain.

“Meadow, you know how clerics can raise the dead?” Meadow nodded to Lilly, “Jibber was working with a group and was killed. His group was so far out in the middle of no where the only magical healing they had any hope of getting was a group of mad druids.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Meadow said understanding. “And let me guess his reincarnation didn’t go as they hoped.”

“Yep, ole Jibber is a gnome trapped in a half orc body. He wasn’t right in the head to begin with and this did him no favors either.” Harold took a swig of his drink.

“Ok, so Jibber is off the list, anyone else?” Meadow looked at the group hopefully.

After a moment Lilly smiled a bit smug after she took a drink from her tankard. “How about Tobias Reginald Worthington?”

“Sounds like a pompous ass?” Meadow commented. After the groups last suggestion she wasn’t too hopeful.

“Far from it. “ Lilly pointed out a half elf with dark hair and blue eyes standing at the bar. “He is the bastard son of Lord Robert Jeffrey Worthington.”

“I have heard of Lord Robert, even in Sandpoint. He is a well to do Lord and doesn’t seem like the type to take a mistress.” Meadow continued to watch the man.

“He isn’t. “ Lilly sighed, “When he was young he traveled for adventures but one night his camp was attacked by powerful spell casters. While under a powerful spell Toby was conceived with a local elven druid. Rumor has it that Lady Worthington was not pleased when Toby was born but did not hold it against her husband and the child. As Toby has been raised by both a noble lord and a lady of the forest he is not your typical rogue.”

“Not typical is an understatement. “ Bennie laughed, “He is all book learning, with no real battle experience, but he likes it that way. I will say the man is good at what he does. One of the best alchemists and business men I know, as well as one of the best judges of horse flesh I know other than yourself Meadow. It is a pity that he is making silvers a day working in his father’s counting house.“

“Think he might be interested?” Meadow asked still not taking her eyes off the handsome half elf.

“I know if he isn’t, you are.” Lilly teased.

“Oh shut up.” Meadow laughed and blushed a little.

“Rumor has it that he has been wanting to leave his father’s business and go elsewhere but no one will hire him because of his family history.” Bennie shrugged. “Then again, what would a smart, handsome, animal loving business minded half elf want to work for you for?”

Meadow swallowed the last of her ale. “If I want to have this endeavor going before I leave there are some people I need to talk to, starting with him.” Meadow made her way over to the bar.

Soon as she was over to the bar Bennie leaned over to Lilly and whispered in her ear, “That was a dirty trick.”

“Which one? Meadow’s cat’s paw catching you unawares or mine edging her towards someone who might make her happy in more ways than one?”

One battle done, another begining

I was very glad to find my mother was safe after the attack. She had been so afraid that something had happened to me in all of the recent troubles. She and I do not always see eye to eye but we wouldn’t want anything to happen to each other. Once we knew the other was alright we both went about trying to put the village back together. Using my water elemental form I was able to put out any fires that had been still burning, while my mother used her healing skills on the wounded. Thankfully none of the villages were killed. We did loose livestock, which will be hard on some but we will do our best to aid them while we can.
Mother has hired on a new man to help around the shop and garden. He is a half elf like myself. Having someone who can protect her as well as be a competent help is a load off my mind. I got a funny feeling she has a side ambition to try to play matchmaker but really neither of us are interested in that right now. It is hard for her to understand that I may be 27 years old in her eyes but I am barely more than a teenager in my stage in life. I have too much to do in this world before I choose to settle down. More importantly we have an army of giants that will be descending upon us, and we need to be prepared.
My companions and I have not had more than a couple days respite between battles the past month. Have not had a chance to re supply and upgrade our weapons. Thanks to Father Josek’s prayers we know that they will be leaving their strong hold in 20 days. We will need several days to travel there, which cut our resupply time even more. After some discussions over some rather strong stout it was decided that Telchar will work at his forge for 10 days in order to improve his weapons. I, Morf, Alexia, and Tyrel will all travel to Magnimar to load up on supplies. I have purchased enough trail rations to feed both myself and Mei in our journeys. I could hunt for food but it will slow us down considerably and we do not have time to waste. Our horses arrived back in town safe and sound, thankfully. I am not sure if we can take them with us as we are traveling into the mountains, and the paths are slippery.
I have had my armor upgraded by my druidic kinsmen. My armor will not make its self-known when I am in animal form. Given how easily that blasted dragon took a pot shot at me, the happier I am to have it. I have gotten items to give mei the ability to do more damage when she hits something. Even just a little bit more could bring our foes down faster. My companions are purchasing items to keep them warm in the weather we shall face in the mountains. Our recent experiences there have taught them well. I have become use to the different weathers, and considering the creatures I can turn into it seems a waste to buy items I shall not need. I shall not be foolish to say that Mei will not suffer the cold, but I have purchased her warm blankets to protect her. If I must, I can always turn her into a figurine and pull her out of my pocket when I need her. It is not the best option but it is a possible one.
I feel it is wise to pray, and to prepare for what we may face. Our enemies are fearsome foe, but we shall overcome them.

Plea for Help

Dear Father,
I know it has been quite a while since I have written, and for that I am sorry, but this is the first, and most important, opportunity I have had in a while to pick up pen and paper.
I have been away from home, my new home, for quite a while, following up on an ancient cult that appears to be resurfacing and wreaking havoc with their return. Our investigations have led us from Sand Point, to Magnamar, and now to the fortress home of the black arrows.
It is this region that I is the reason now for my missives. To be blunt, they need help. The fortress has been nearly destroyed by Ogres (who I will humbly say were driven off by my comrades and me). The town just down river that acts as a way station, trading village, and support structure for the fort as well as all those living in the area has also been nearly completely destroyed by a flood we can only assume was maliciously caused by an attack of some sort on the dam up river.
Both the town and the fort desperately require stone masons, carpenters, and smiths of all variety to rebuild. I cannot promise what the recompense might be, but father, I beg of you, convince the clan elders to send aid as these are good people. In addition to providing a much needed service in rebuilding the town, sending assistance will also help the humans learn to trust and work with the dwarves. This would also serve as a great introduction to possible trade between the communities. The fort was completely ransacked and looted of all weapons, the rangers themselves are also almost extinct, and the town guard needs replenishment. We both know there are more among us under the mountain who occasionally get the wanderlust, and the topsiders up north could use some experienced cavers.
I have also seen evidence of an impending attack on Sand Point and as soon as our mission to secure the dam is complete, we will be returning home. I am anxious to sleep in my own bed again, as well as work on a few personal projects at the forge.
During my travels and studies with the mages of Magnimar and our own Lexy, I have unlocked the secrets of forging enchanted weapons, of course I’ll still need a little help from a practitioner, but that is a small matter at the moment. We must make certain that Sand Point is still standing before I can worry about expanding the forge.
I must be off, Father, we are heading to the dam shortly, I can only hope we are up to the task laying ahead of us. Please give mother my love and ask her if she could send a few baked sweet treats in the next trade caravan. Better make that a double batch, I want to make sure I have enough to share.
Until next time, Father.
Your son,


A slow Trek

Being woken up by having a fireball go off by your head is not a good thing. Some weird looking guy floated over my spike and had snuck up on us. He warned us to leave, but we knew we had to find the body of the Ranger Captain. We tried one area, but there was nothing of value there. The ogres that had been there had been the reinforcements, and they were now dead.

We proceeded into the main cavern and met trouble, and an ‘old’ friend. The ‘witch’ that had gotten away at the Fort had come here. Oh she was going to die, but it was not going to be easy to get to her. Tyrel had slept in his armor so was tired and sore, but a spell from Lexi allowed him to move faster and shoot more arrows at her. Mei moved up with Morfin and Telchar to engage the undead white, who happened to be our undead Ranger Captain. I summoned two large creatures to attack the evil ones from behind, while my companions did damage from the front. With the melee going strong I called forth to the heaven to bring down lightening upon them. The open sky above us was full of storm clouds, and it made my spell more powerful. The battle was fierce but the evil ones were killed.

With the evil one’s dead, and the body of the Ranger Captain found, we tried to salvage what we could and head back down the mountain. They say you can sometimes hear wheels turning in someone’s brain when they are thinking of something, I swear I heard cash drawer bells ringing around Josek when we started past that jeweled giant. Really, he wanted to take that with us? It took a bit of teamwork but we got the armor off the thing, stowed in haversacks, and other makeshift bags. We them removed the amulet from around its neck. I was sure it was about to come to life, instead it instantly decomposed into bones and goo. YUCK! I transformed into an Earth Elemental and carried stuff down, my companions followed and set up camp at the base of the mountain, while I headed back up for a second load.

The next morning Telchar and Captain Ettienne Nacvarre stayed with the loot, while the rest of us went back in to Shimmer glens. The place was looking a lot better. There were still places where it was certainly odd, but the unnaturalness of the places was being lifted. This time I approached the Nymph along, and brought the body with us. I could only sit back in awe as she used her own life force to reincarnate his lost love. The color and breath returned to him before my eyes, and the light of life left the Nymph. When she was done, she was nothing more, but her love was standing before us, not a blemish on him. He tried to get him to return to the fort but he vowed to continue his love’s work and protect the White Willows. Our job done we make our way back to the Fort.

We had found out a plot against sand point, and we sent a messenger on a fast horse to sand point. We could not get there for at least a month, and they needed the warning sooner rather than later. As we prepared to head down to Turtleback Ferry with our gains, we got word that the dam had burst and the town was flooding. They needed help, NOW! As the other’s galloped down the road to town I transformed and went into the town in half the time. A creature was attacking some children on a boat. I summoned a great orca and it nearly bit the thing in half, and moments later another chomp was taken out of it, and it was dead. I swooped down, transformed and using a scroll healed the little girl. Her hug was worth all the gold our group had ever found.

Frozen Trouble

Frozen Trouble

We sent Morfin into the show to scout out what out there in the snow. We couldn’t see more than 10 feet away because of the snow, and lucky to hear anyone from 5 feet away due to the galling wind. Once we got word that were at the place, by finding an Ogre no less, I cast ‘animal growth’ on Mei, and dropped her into the snow. I know not the most polite thing to do, but the spell turned my pint size puddy tat into something the size of Bagheera. Even if it didn’t do her any favors combat wise, it also kept her from blowing away in the wind. We made a human change and battled both the ogres and the weather to go into the lair’s entrance.
It gave me the creeps to see the ribs and backbone of a blue dragon fused into the stone supporting the entryway. Further in we has a slight fright. It was a gargantuan giant clothed in jewel encrusted armor, perfectly preserved. I kept an eye on the thing as we passed it. It would be just our luck that soon as we past it, it would come to life as an undead mummy and squish us. Thankfully that didn’t happen.
We continued on until we ran into a couple of Ogres, not a good sign. I went into “hidden death” mode, ie I turned into a bat and found a place to hide in the rafters. The next spell I cast was something I had just learned. It caused long sword size stone spike to spring out of the stone where ever I wanted them. That would slow down any reinforcements, and it did. It didn’t take long for reinforcements to come running, and they couldn’t get past the spikes without doing serious damage to themselves. That left them hurling javelins at us, and Tyrel to start picking them off one by one with his cross bow. Hey maybe I did something good for once. Once all of those Ogres were dead we went into an area that had three, what appeared to be, old hag. Just our luck they were witches. They got off one joint spell before one of them was sliced in half. They didn’t last long, but they packed punch. By now we were all tired. We had a large fire, the passageways to us from all directions were blocked with stone spikes for the next 9 hours, and we were all exhausted from our track up the mountain. It was the best place as any to get sleep before more trouble showed up.


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