The Runelords will Rise

Meadow's Diary1

Being home has been both wonderful and depressing. Mother is very happy to have me home. She has missed me while I was gone. She continually has worried that something dreadful would happen to me out in the wilds. It is hard to explain to her that I am honestly happier on the edge of civilization than in the grandest cities. I honestly think Mother thought I would come back with my head more on straight, which it is, just not the way she intended. I didn’t find a husband, though there were a few cute guys in the enclave, just wasn’t my priority.

The tickwood is close enough that I can worship and practice my arts near my family. With my added help my mother’s crops are doing a little better, though mother is still far better than I. I brought her back cuttings, seedlings, and other wonderful herbs to trade. She was most impressed in the enhanced tobacco seeds I brought back. She is hoping to cross breed it with some of our local leaf and get a fine blend out of it.

I honestly think the happiest people to see me where the local food merchants. Coming back from Magninar I brought back some fine herbs and spices with me for the festival. The aromas that were in the air during the festival were well worth the hassle, though I doubt those stupid goblins would have given a care.

Many of the towns’ people were a bit uncomfortable with Autumn being in town with me. They were afraid she would hurt them. Honestly she won’t hurt anything but food unless I tell her to. The day of the goblin’s attack she well paid for her keep. She ripped through those goblins like they were paper, as she should being a big deadly cat. However, she is a young and inexperience big deadly cat which is why it didn’t entirely surprise me when she went tail over tea kettle when she charged that one.

I never thought those little boogers would cause that much trouble. Why would they want to try to burn the cathedral down again? Just seems fishy to me. When we were asked to look into an attack at the graveyard, and all that entailed I knew we were in for trouble. I have never had to deal with undead things. I deal in life. Autumn didn’t know what to make of those things. We did learn that the priest who had died and we ever found a body, actually had a body. Well… actually they found remains which they can never confirm nor deny were him. They were stolen for God knows why.

I tried to put things behind me, and go on with my life, but I was now known in a good way around town. My business picked up thanks to it, and I did get an offer to stay for two weeks at the local Rusty Dragon. I turned it down because I wanted to spend time with my family.
The tongue lashing I got from my mother when I got home was the worst I had ever gotten. She laid on the guilt of her loosing me like she lost my father and how I shouldn’t be taking risks like that. It was not my place to fight like that. I should have run away like everyone else. I tried to tell her that is not who I am. She proceeded to break into tears at that point. What else was I suppose to do but stay and try to make her see sense. The next day I went into town later than usual to drop off some healing herbs to some of the families who were injured at the goblin attack, only to find Lexis, Morfin, and Telchar carrying a bloodied up, unconscious Tirell out of the general store. Given the rumors going around I can only assume what happened. I went over to offer what help I could.

Later that afternoon I headed back to the house. I was helping my mother hang out the laundry, and was telling her what happened to Tirell when she lost it. There were no guilting this time. She flat out told me not to have anything to do with my new friends. They accepted me for me, and didn’t care what my blood was. She called me stupid and other things. How dare I leave her alone? How dare I risk my life for others? I should have married the men that grandfather picked. I should have done as I was told. I had responsibilities to the family to up hold. I told her what she could do with her responsibilities, and went to my room. I quickly packed up my armor, weapons, and anything I thought I would need into a back pack, and left the house.

Mum continued to shout at me, but I simply told her quietly that I was taking the offer of a free few days at the Rusty Dragon and I would see her around town. Mom thought she was getting the last gibe when she shouted at me that I was my father’s daughter. I simply turned around long enough to shout back. “No I’m your daughter. I’m not the one who fell in love with an elf.” That shut her up, because it is hard to argue with the truth. Seeing the astonished, hurt look on her face, I went back and kissed her cheek, said I loved her but I needed some time alone. I would see her around town, and then made my way to the Rusty Dragon. The ale and the story of how my friend’s face ended up looking like it went through a meat grinder were enough to distract me for now.

Lexia's Personal Journal

Lexia journal 1

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