The Runelords will Rise

In the space of a breath

I knew what I was doing when I let loose that sun light spell, and it wasn’t like I was trying to hide. The 10 tall pillars of fire elements are fairly easy to see. Any foe could see me standing there, but when you cast that powerful spell and could possibly cast 3 more of them you tell to paint a rather large target on yourself. I would have expected the creature to rain down darkness or ice upon me, but to simply have it point its finger at me and simply say “DIE!” I wasn’t quite prepared for that.

This wasn’t a matter of will power. I do not fear easily, and I can see through charms and illusions. But when something grabs hold of your very life force and demands that it die there is not much any one can do. I’m sure Telcar or Jonathan would have no problem with it, heck those guys could take a brick wall falling on them and they would keep going, but me… not so much.

As I felt the light of my soul leaving it was as if fate or the gods grabbed hold of me, and said “Not today!” and yanked my soul elsewhere. I was apprehensive to move or open my eyes. Opening my eyes would mean I would have to accept where I was, I did not fear it as all things must die, but that does not mean I wanted it to be today. What did finally get me to open my eyes was when a rather large wet flat tongue began licking me up the side of the face, and paws the size of skillets nudged me to roll over.

I opened my eyes to find that I was nose to nose with a huge fire pelt, which proceeded to clean me like a kitten. It only took me a moment to realize the cat was Bahgerra, my old friend. I proceeded to squeal and hug and kiss and, scratch my old friend because I missed him. He was a good friend who gave his life to protect me and my friends. When I lay on his back scratching his neck, he stood up and began to walk around with me. I had forgotten he was trained to be ridden. I just held onto his neck and enjoyed being with my friend, until I heard that us was not alone. From his back I looked around where we were. It looked like my mind garden, the place I go when I meditate. If I was dead, I would not be able to access my mind garden as I would be in land of my God, and it is far better than my mind garden could ever be, so how could be there.

As if to answer my question the little ‘keeper’ of my mind, Meda, dropped down from an overhead branch. “What were you thinking doing that?” She practically screeched.

“Well number one, take down the evil undead thing before he kills all my friends. Simple Rules of engagement, #1 protect your goal, #2 protects your companions, and #3 don’t die.”

“Well you failed number 3, oh wise one!” Meda snarled at me.

I tried not to laugh, because it is hard to keep a straight face when a cute 6 year old girl in a white dress and pig tails is yelling at you. “True, but I did complete 1 and 2.”

“This is not fully!” Meda paced, “You got lucky you could be saved this time. There are only so many times this can happen before bye bye Meadow. “

“So was I wrong to do it in the first place?” I glared down at her from Baghra’s back.

“No!” Meda shouted back, “But you do it a little less conspicuous next time.”

“Well what was I supposed to do? It would take too long to send in creatures to attack them, and given how strong that creature was it could just as easily kill my friends in that time. Not possible, and the best spell for it was the one I used.”

“It was but did you have to do it as a flaming fire elemental!” Meda screeched.
“True” I rolled my eyes, “but if I had used two of my wild shapes for the day already and if I changed again, that means I can’t change in case we need it later. It seemed logical at the time.”

“It may have been, but you are going against some very bad things now. They won’t just rain death upon you with fire, ice, or stone, these things can simply say “Die” and you are dead, no if ands or butts. If they can see you, they can kill you. “

“Alright alright, more stealth, less show, got it.” I sighed. “No need to beat me over the head with it.

“Yeah well, just make sure you remember it when you go back ‘upstairs’.” Meda sighed.
I managed to give Bahgera one last hug around his neck before I felt myself slamming into the hard stone floor of the Mummy room, and opening my eyes to the face of a rather worried Joesek. All I could say was “OW!”

When cats go scratch, and fire goes boom

We had just finished killing “ourselves” and were proceeding into a very large room when things went…BOOM. When multiple fireballs go off and nearly kill everyone it is never a good thing. When you see 6 or 8 spell casters who were once invisible, and are now sending empowered fireballs into your ranks you tend to pull out the big guns. Our fighters waded into the fry but while these spell casters could kill with spells they were ‘squishy’.
Given how injured I was, granted not as bad as Lexie, I had to stay undercover. What could I send out there to kill those things that though powerful could still rip those things to shreds. If only Mei was there she could rip those things to pieces only she is stuck back in the cage insane. If I couldn’t have Mei, there is no reason I couldn’t bring in some of her cousins.
Have you ever seen a hungry cat attack a mouse? Yeah well, that was nothing on what those dire tigers did to those wizards. With paws the size of skillets, and razor sharp claws that dig like daggers, death did not come easy to them, especially when they charged and pounced on them. Once swipe of their paw would kill a normal man.
With all of the wizards dead we were able to explore the place. What we found was a little freaky. Turns out that the wizard living there had made about 250 approximately clones of himself. Each of those wizards we killed was a clone of him. Not a pretty sight.

We then proceeded to another ‘temple’ where we found a locked door, no problem for Morph. In he went and on to the next door, in which the door locked behind him and left us wondering what happened to him. In the mean while he is trapped, with these mummy’s coming towards him, he bails out the back door. The mummies go back to rest, with no one living around. The once locked door is now open, and so we go into the room to ‘save’ Morph, and we get the pissed off mummies. The magic coming off of these things paralyzed Telchar, Lexie, Tyrel, and Jonathan. They were sitting ducks, but thank fully those of strong will over came that magic but what could we do against them. Tough to kill was an understatement with these things according to Father Josek. They did have one weakness, fire. We could kill them with fire. We had a necklace of fireballs we could detonate, but the person most likely to survive that is Morf and he was no where to be found. That is when I realize I’m fire proof. Well technically my fire elemental self is fireproof. I will say if the situation had not been so dire it might have been funny seeing a tiny bat screaming in someone’s face “I am fire proof. Light me up!”

I can fly in hidden in the shadows, get behind them, turn all fire elemental, and then proceed to flame strike their asses. Who cares if I am standing in the middle of the firestorm, I am immune to fire. Long story short, between Josek’s flame strikes, my flame strikes, and our Paladin’s flame burst sword, they were charred ash in quick order. Yes it cost us a couple high level spells and me a wildshape, but with our companions about to be coup de grad’d , I’ll use up some high powers to save them.

With the Mummies dead, and our friends no longer paralyzed we were able to open the other door. Where we found Morf asking “What did I miss?”

How to fight yourself

When you are training you are taught to be able to know your weaknesses and your flaws. I know that when I am in tight spaces my summoning is limited. It isn’t that I CANT summon strong power, crush our foes creatures, the problem is that they are 4-8x bigger than we are, and trying to get one of those things in a 10×10×10 foot corridor is not going to happen. I know that slowing me down my natural means won’t do much. Not only can I fly in wild shape, but I also am not deterred by natural thorns, rocks and other things. You try to poison me and it won’t do any good. I’m immune to it. If I am in elemental form, I cannot be sneak-attacked or be hit critically. Sadly I could become harder to damage in some of my forms, but like my summoned creatures that 10×10×10 corridor stops me from making myself too big.
This thought process worked well when we ran into those darn mirrors. Soon as we walked into that hall way the first 4 of had our “twin” walk out of one of the mirrors. At the back of my mind it was interesting to see Telcar taking on Telcar with clashing Fluffy Bunnies. Sadly Morf found out why our beloved Telcar is not to be trifled with.
When our paladin’s clone stepped up to me I did something that I’ve been avoiding doing, turning into an lightening elemental. Normally I wouldn’t turn into one of these things because any metal they touch they can turn the wearing into a smoked sausage, but in this case fried bad guy in a tin can was a good thing. My clone did as I expected she started summoning things, and a King Cobra appeared. Those fangs hurt by the way, but the poison didn’t affect me, and Jonathan was too strong for it. Just as I had the idea of shocking the bad guys, so did my clone. She started to call lightening, notice I said started. I have worked to make sure my spells won’t be disrupted but that doesn’t mean they can’t be, and my clone found that out the hard way. Between Lexie destroying the mirrors and the other’s chopping down the other clones, we survived but we took a beating.

To Lake Stormunder we go
AKA, mind the drop

You know how you can look back and you can’t help a giddly laugh. Before we started out I had talked with toby about how much it would cost to pack some admantine weapons, arrow, and bolts just to be on the safe side. Telchar has Fluffy bunny but it would be helpful. Toby respond that it really it didn’t seem needed because, hey, how likely are we to run into some creature that would require it. Remind me to smack him when I get back into town! Not only did we run into something, we ran into 4 something’s and more!

Let’s start at the beginning. A little bit of gold passed hands and we were teleported away to Lake Stormunder near the Kodar Moutains. It is there where the Rimeskull could be found. We can across 7 stone monoliths with one in the center. The stones appeared if they had been carved just yesterday even though we know them to be 10’s of thousands of years old. I’ve danced around a few stone circles in my day but this one is a bit creepy. Lexie was able to determine that the monoliths were actually carved heads of each of the rune lords. Thanks to her knowledge and the research she had been doing in the library she was able to ascertain that we had a cast a spell on each stone head the corresponding school of magic it was associated with. As we cast each spell onto the stone is was absorbed in and it began to glow. From the mouth of each head we extracted a key, correction the rest of us hid over the edge of the ridge while someone else was taking the keys from the mouths. I will admit we are a WEE BIT paranoid.

Granted we had every right to be paranoid especially since we no more got the keys when out of the sky came a huge white dragon! There we tales of this dragon for centuries from locals but there had been no sign of it for almost 200 years. Just our luck we find the blasted thing! We didn’t manage to kill the thing but we did drive it off. I had to turn into a huge fire elemental to even think about doing any damage to it but as a group we drove it off to its lair, where ever that is. Unfortunately Josek had been picked up by the thing and dropped. He was lucky to be alive from that fall. It then tried to do the same thing with Lexi, but her fun was that it sat on her and tried to squish her.

Now that we have our keys we made our way up the great stairs, still in fire elemental form I climbed. Up we went into the maw of the cave in the mountain. At the top Telchar, Jonathan, and Morf reached a landing, and found trouble. The winds up there were terrible, and made Tyrell’s ranged attacks more difficult. This did not help the fact we were dealing with TWO greater earth elementals. I work with elementals all the time, and know they are not easy to take down, another reason why I like throwing them in front of bad guys to protect my friends. They were hitting our guys and knocking them back, and could have knocked them off the ledge and down into the valley. Not good. Thankfully none of our guys fell, but I had to call forth other mighty creatures to defeat them. I didn’t know what lay ahead but using such powerful magic now would make us more vulnerable later on. We then pressed on into the cave mouth.

Preparing for the adventure ahead

“It’s not really paranoia if they are really out to get you. – anonymous”

I have spent the week preparing for this journey we are about to undertake. I have been researching what I can to find out about the land around where we must head. I can only prepare from what I know of this land. I know not what we can expect to find once we go inside. I can only speculate based on what has happened in the past.

Given how we have had to climb on cave walls, cliffs, and not to mention ceilings, having climbing gear and scrolls of spider climb would be helpful. Given that it is possible to drown even in a desert it might not be a bad idea to have spells to help swim. Our enemies are getting tougher and require special weapons to kill them we must have spells or access to the special weapons themselves. Yes many may call me foolish, but I am someone who learns from nature itself. Does not a squirrel gather it’s nuts in order to have food over the winter. Does not a bear eat more during the summer so that when it sleeps it can live on its fat, and does it not grow a thick fur coat to protect its self from the cold winter? Just as these animals prepare for what is to come, so must I. I carry a magical silver dagger, and a magical cold iron scimitar. I know Telchar has ‘Fluffy Bunny’ which is adamantine. It couldn’t hurt to pick up a few adamantine arrows or bolts, would it? Granted, they cost an additional 60 gps each. Not exactly cheap, but might be worth having. A few silver arrows wouldn’t hurt either and they are just 2 gps each.

I will speak with Toby about what he would recommend from his alchemical arsenal. In the mean time I must pack, and prepare. Who knows what we may run into?

Rude awakenings

You would think I would have gotten use to odd things happening, yet I am still shocked when they do. I was enjoying the comforts of my sitting room. A nice warm fire, a nice glass of red wine, my cat Mei stretched out on the hearthrug. Not a bad evening if I do say so myself. Antonio is up in his room scribbling away at his spell books. Since we have gotten back Lexia has been locked in her room working on hers so it shouldn’t surprise me. I’d offer her some allnight herb but given that it lets you go at full steam for 8 hours, but the drawback is that you lose focus on your work faster than a magpie goes after something shiny. Not to mention you feel like you have been hit by a bull elephant once it has worn off might not be a good idea either. Toby was in his lab tinkering. For him that could be both a good thing and a very bad thing. I haven’t heard any explosions, so whatever he is working on has not blown up. The screams for help that jarred me from my comfy spot were another matter entirely.

We found a giant sink hole has swallowed part of the road and a wall of the barracks. This did not bode well for the 6 guards that had fallen inside. The howling that came from the gaping hole was not a natural sound. There was a giant hole in the round that had a set of stairs that lead deeper into the ground below our town, 6 of our people had fallen in and must be rescued, who do you think they looked to save them? Why the heroes of Sand Point no less, aka us.

I have been learning from our past experiences. I have taken to carrying extra scrolls of lesser restoration, cure disease, and even though I cannot cast it, cure curse. After dealing with those vile flying undead mummies I want to stay prepared. Going into bad form I was able to help scout ahead for us. I always stay behind Morfin just in case, especially after seeing him shrink in that giant’s temple. As we descended we came across an unnatural fog. Oh this is something I can take care off, and I used wind to blow it away…. And it came back. According to Josek they is a spell that helps protect places that gives off this unnatural fog. Not a good thing to be going on.

In the blackness ahead we heard a voice, something was down here with us. This didn’t surprise me in the least, the huge giant size spell casting thing did surprise me a bit. The bastard turned the gravity on us. Everyone fell to the ceiling leaving just me on the floor flying. Big ugly bad guy ready to play squish with my friends, now we the time to pull out the big weaponry; I called forth two huge air elementals, and a large air elemental to take on the creature. They provide the shield for my friends while they fired arrows and did some rather impressive acrobatics to attack the things. The fight was going well until the bastard summoned another of it’s kind. Soon as we killed it, we had to turn and kill another just like it. For a moment I thought we were going to be dead for sure. The elementals took the brunt of the attacks which allowed my friends to do their jobs, that is not to say they didn’t dole out a lot of damage themselves. When it was finally dead we knew we had to continued ahead to find our lost guards.

After squeezing through a tight passage we found a well of water that seemed to be part of the temple. The previous temple to Lamashtu had a similar pool, but this one gave me a bad vibe. Before anyone could figure out what was going on with the water in the pool Telchar drank some of it. I had never once wanted to strangle someone so badly.

Apparently the pool was full of water under the spell of ‘the waters of Lamastu’. It was cursed water that made the dwarf dumb, well dumber than before. My thinking ahead paid off in that I had the spells to help him on scrolls. I was not pleased that I had to use them that quickly. On the bright side he did pay me for their use. The problem was that Father Josek seemed to fizzle the scroll and it was worthless to save Telchar. My lesser restorations helped a little but he was still an idiot. Thankfully fighters don’t have to be too bright to swing a sword, so we pressed on.

We traveled through more caverns under we came to a room covered in blood. I had never seen anything like this before. I have seen what animals can do to other animals. I mean really have you seen what a dire tiger can do to a little fluffy bunny? There were not even enough bits to know what kind of humanoid it was. From a gore covered scrap of fabric Lexia found we could deduce that it was our missing guards. It was then that the howling began.

At the first sound of the howling Tyrel ran out of there as fast as he could. I have never seen him run that fast before, and that includes when he had angry fathers on his heels. As he didn’t look like he was going to be coming back any time soon we began to fight these creatures. Mei took on one of the hound things, and I thought we had them until out of the wall came this large humanoid wielding this wicked looking Falchion. That thing tore into poor Father Josek, and very well killed him. I did what I could by buffing and stabilizing my friends, but I feel it was not enough. In these tight corners my summoned creatures are limited. Oh yes by bringing in a huge creature I could do a lot of damage to these things, but when there is not enough room for them to move what should I do? I was able to bringing in two large air elementals to help kill the things. It was a tough fight, and we didn’t come out of it completely unscathed. Mei was nearly killed by those creatures, and so was Josek and Terran. I have been mending Telchar’s ‘Fluffy Bunny’ due to the acid those creatures excreted.

It is not a matter of if we must venture out again to strange lands but it is a matter of how soon. Lexia is going to spend a week researching. I’m going to spend the week trying to find out about this place we are supposed to be going to. The last time we left this place we nearly froze to death in blizzards and had to climb up and down sides of mountains. I know what I need to be doing starting first thing in the morning.

Building a life at home

We returned home victorious, but not to say a little battered. The gold that we have come into has benefited us greatly. I was able to spend some time in Magnimar to upgrade the spells on a couple of my items.
It was good to see my shop being built. Toby has the place working well. It is going to take most of the month to have it built and making money. Toby’s work has been bringing in some gold already. He is an accomplished alchemist. Between him and Antonio the shop is will do well. Antonio is bit pompous, but he does his work well. His father was a leather smith, and had begun to teach him the trade until Antonio began showing signs of magic. Antonio has just finished is magical schooling and now must make his way in the world. He had worked for a small magic shop in Magnimar for a year but he wasn’t happy there. Through his father, Toby was able to reach out to Antonio to see if he would be interested in the job in my new shop in Sand Point. Initially he wasn’t that interested, but we were able to tempt him away with the offer of a room of his own, proper equipment, and the possibility of advancement. Toby later told me, that it was the offer of his own room that got him. Apparently he had been staying in a bunk area with the local black smith’s son, and two other men who had no respect for anyone who couldn’t swing a sword. After that a room to himself was VERY appealing.
My hatchery is full of chickens, and we have eggs and chickens to sell. Due to my fame I have been approached by a few local nobles about studding out Stormshadow for a handsome fee. One noble has a beautiful chestnut mare that I am interested in purchasing from him. I may approach Father Joseck to broker a deal for me to trade stud services for the mare. If he got 2-3 new fine foals for the cost of one mare, it might not be a bad trade.
I had hoped to start bringing in some exotics soon, but it will depend on what comes my way. If I was approached to train a willing Pegasus or Griffon, then sure I have no problem doing that. On the other hand raising an intelligent creature strictly for profit is dark. There other side of the coin is would I rather it be raised by someone evil, or by me who would at least give the animal the option to do it. I would provide food and shelter for them until they wish to make the choice for themselves. Just as a young warrior comes to a master to be trained, I will offer my services to them. I fear I will never be able to have a unicorn in my stable. The saw mill, and industry of this area is hard enough for me to bear let alone a creature as pure as them.
Winter in coming and I must prepare my green house and fields. I am enjoying my green house. Between my magic and Antonio’s it has begun to thrive. The belladonna is growing, as well as the garlic. I am hoping to start raising some wormwood. Not only is it a good antibiotic oil, and good for some stomach ailments, but the brewery has made mention of wanting some for absinthe. I also want to have a good stock of wolfs bane on hand given the luck of my friends. The green house should also be able to provide various herbs and the like for Toby’s alchemy and Antonio’s spells. Maybe one day I will be able to acquire a Golden Maple tree which will make our business even more profitable. In the mean time I will enjoy the peace while it lasts.

Thorugh a crack in the wall

We proceeded into the fissure in the wall of the cave. At times we had to squeeze through. I am glad that Mei is so small she just shimmied on through. The fissures brought us out into tunnels that Telchar assured us was under that citadels. The first creature we ran into was a kobold. Normally those things are relatively harmless, but there was something about her that wasn’t …right. Vicious was an understatement. It took some doing but we were able to kill her. Just as the smallest snake can carry the deadliest poison do not underestimate a small creature to be truly ‘harmless’.

Morfin scouted ahead while I stayed in bat form hidden above ready to provide back up. Hey he can go scouting all he wants; I am not going to go out looking around by myself anymore. Being his little bat winged back up is perfectly fine by me.

Morfin found a few giants and thanks to a carefully laid plan we were able to stop them quickly and quietly. Morfin was a little hesitant to let Telchar know what he had found. In the forge room there were a series of cages that had access to the bellows of the fire. Inside were shaved dwarves. Now I like a freshly shaved man, no question, but dwarves are meant to be short hairy and a bit foul tempered. The fact these dwarves were shaved both of face and head was an insult beyond injury. I have a funny feeling we couldn’t have stopped Telchar from killing the giants in that room if we tried. Once the dwarves were freed, we left them with weapons and food from our stores. It wasn’t much but at least they can feel like dwarves again.

Morfin did find a secret room that overlooked the buildings central open air shaft. In the open air area he found some giants, and one especially fearsome looking one talking in whispers. He returned to us and we tried to make a plan to deal with them. We thought we could just set off our whole necklace of fireballs we had acquired off the body of the Kobold. It seemed like a waste to use that much firepower to take out so few giants. The only thing was we were not sure if the big ugly guy Morfin saw was the bad guy we had to kill. We ultimately decided to just bar the door to the secret room, and go around to face them. Who knows what we might find along the way.

We made our way into the main dining hall, past the giant’s kitchen. There was a female giant inside cooking and making a lot of noise. We decided not to attack her but try to quickly cross the room before she could be alerted. What we didn’t count on was the mural on the wall come to life. The haunt that came out of it was a brutally murdered giant. Poor Mei was lucky to not fallen over dead from fright. The haunt coming to life alerted the female giant to our presence. This could have been a bad thing, but turned out it was very helpful. She didn’t attack us; in fact she appeased the haunt so that we could pass safely. The haunt was of her late husband who had been brutally murdered by her son. Her son had found dark magics associated with the 7 point star groups we have been following. All of the giants, and ogres that were outside were under this guy’s command. Since he was the chief his people were following his orders, no matter how bad they were. We had to promise to avoid killing any of the giants as much as possible. They were simply followers who are doing what their leader tells them, even if the leader is a power mad, homicidal, dark magic corrupted piece of dragon dung. She pointed out the best way to go, and where to find her son. We are not preparing to go down the ramp into the deep underground of where this giant’s temple/ site of horrors or whatever bad thing you can think of is located. All we can say is onwards!

This is not my job...contiuned.

Why am I the one who always gets into these things? I do know why I get myself into these things but that doesn’t mean I like this. Yes I am the best person to scout things out from the air. My problem is that I have in the past day been chased like a flying mouse by not only Wyverns but also Raptor like Rocs. My cohorts may think this is a little bit funny but I will tell you it is not. I do NOT like acting like bait for these things.

The fight with Rocs was a mess, which turned into a pile of dragon dung, which could have ended up with us as corpses but thankfully we managed to get away from hordes of Giants that followed the giant KABOOMS of our spells. Granted we needed those spells to kill those things, but still yikes. With the spell of Ant haul I was able to carry half our group away, while Lexia carried the other half. Thankfully my ability to leave no tracks allowed us not to be followed. I have made a mental note to ALWAYS prepare the pass without a trace spell just for cases like this. We spent the night in the shelter build by Lexis’s magic. It was a little creepy given that it was made from the discarded bones of the Wyvern’s victims.

The next morning, we decided to take on those spider things. We knew it was going to be dangerous but not sure how much. I am naturally very perceptive, but even I didn’t see these things spring out to attack us. Weird, un-natural, and downright creepy doesn’t even describe these things. Thankfully we were able to kill them, but it wasn’t easy. Lexia’s flaming sphere burned away enough webs to allow for us to find fissures in the rock. It is our hope that whatever we find there will be less dangerous than what is outside in the valley.

This is not my job....

“This is so NOT my job.. This is so not my job… NOT my JOB!” ….

You ever have those days when you are “Yes! I am in my element” then all of a sudden your next concern is am I going to be dragon chow? Yeah I am having one of those days. My nature spells have made travel in the cold and snow easier than it could it has been. I’m not saying it isn’t arse biting cold up here and the air is a wee bit thin but at least we are not turning into frozen adventure statues.

We camped at night and by me being able to fly around fairly inconspicuous I have been able to map out the lay of the valley. That is good thing; the bad thing is that I then had to scout out the three caves I found. The first small cave just plain gave me the creeps. It was a cave of spiders, not just a few but thousands crawling everywhere. What was worse was that there were 2 “things” in the back of the cave that were no natural. They were MADE of spiders. Needles s to say I got out of there real fast.

I then went to the next cave, and it is only by the grace of Desna that I got out of there alive. Somehow I managed to find a crevice near the door to the cave that I wasn’t seen. I found the dammed young red dragon we fought before. I am not one to kill a living creature but personally I would like to see his hide turned into hearth rug. In the mean time I also did not want to end up INSIDE his lizard suit while he was wearing it. I beat a hasty retreat out of there.

I also stopped outside the entrance to the last cave. After seeing that blood dragon I didn’t know what I was going to find in that place. The outside had the skulls of various large animals including dire boars. I have called dire boars in to help us fight. They are not exactly easy things to kill! I didn’t go in there and didn’t plan to any time soon.

“The plans of mice and men often go awry”, is an old saying and it held true today. I returned to my friends and reported what I found. I thought should I would get to rest and not take on whatever was in that final cave of death I had not scouted. HA! However did I let them talk me into it. Sure I don’t look out of place flying around the mountains in my forms but that doesn’t mean creatures can’t see me, and possibly even attack me. I don’t sneak. I just look like I belong there, but I am not invisible. We needed to know what was in there but why did it have to be me going into there? Oh yeah I am the only one who could get over there without being killed at first sight. I left my friends with the comment that if I ran into trouble and didn’t return they had better come save my ass. I no more stick my nose in that cave when I have not one but three dragoneque creatures flying after me, and wanting me for the next meal. I fly out of there pulling manures I had only dreamed of. They can’t catch me because of the maneuvers I am pulling but I need help if I am going to make it through this. So my friends, here I come with three bad guys on my tail now SAVE MY ASS!!!


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