The Runelords will Rise

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Lexia's Personal Journal

Lexia journal 1

Meadow's Diary1

Being home has been both wonderful and depressing. Mother is very happy to have me home. She has missed me while I was gone. She continually has worried that something dreadful would happen to me out in the wilds. It is hard to explain to her that I am honestly happier on the edge of civilization than in the grandest cities. I honestly think Mother thought I would come back with my head more on straight, which it is, just not the way she intended. I didn’t find a husband, though there were a few cute guys in the enclave, just wasn’t my priority.

The tickwood is close enough that I can worship and practice my arts near my family. With my added help my mother’s crops are doing a little better, though mother is still far better than I. I brought her back cuttings, seedlings, and other wonderful herbs to trade. She was most impressed in the enhanced tobacco seeds I brought back. She is hoping to cross breed it with some of our local leaf and get a fine blend out of it.

I honestly think the happiest people to see me where the local food merchants. Coming back from Magninar I brought back some fine herbs and spices with me for the festival. The aromas that were in the air during the festival were well worth the hassle, though I doubt those stupid goblins would have given a care.

Many of the towns’ people were a bit uncomfortable with Autumn being in town with me. They were afraid she would hurt them. Honestly she won’t hurt anything but food unless I tell her to. The day of the goblin’s attack she well paid for her keep. She ripped through those goblins like they were paper, as she should being a big deadly cat. However, she is a young and inexperience big deadly cat which is why it didn’t entirely surprise me when she went tail over tea kettle when she charged that one.

I never thought those little boogers would cause that much trouble. Why would they want to try to burn the cathedral down again? Just seems fishy to me. When we were asked to look into an attack at the graveyard, and all that entailed I knew we were in for trouble. I have never had to deal with undead things. I deal in life. Autumn didn’t know what to make of those things. We did learn that the priest who had died and we ever found a body, actually had a body. Well… actually they found remains which they can never confirm nor deny were him. They were stolen for God knows why.

I tried to put things behind me, and go on with my life, but I was now known in a good way around town. My business picked up thanks to it, and I did get an offer to stay for two weeks at the local Rusty Dragon. I turned it down because I wanted to spend time with my family.
The tongue lashing I got from my mother when I got home was the worst I had ever gotten. She laid on the guilt of her loosing me like she lost my father and how I shouldn’t be taking risks like that. It was not my place to fight like that. I should have run away like everyone else. I tried to tell her that is not who I am. She proceeded to break into tears at that point. What else was I suppose to do but stay and try to make her see sense. The next day I went into town later than usual to drop off some healing herbs to some of the families who were injured at the goblin attack, only to find Lexis, Morfin, and Telchar carrying a bloodied up, unconscious Tirell out of the general store. Given the rumors going around I can only assume what happened. I went over to offer what help I could.

Later that afternoon I headed back to the house. I was helping my mother hang out the laundry, and was telling her what happened to Tirell when she lost it. There were no guilting this time. She flat out told me not to have anything to do with my new friends. They accepted me for me, and didn’t care what my blood was. She called me stupid and other things. How dare I leave her alone? How dare I risk my life for others? I should have married the men that grandfather picked. I should have done as I was told. I had responsibilities to the family to up hold. I told her what she could do with her responsibilities, and went to my room. I quickly packed up my armor, weapons, and anything I thought I would need into a back pack, and left the house.

Mum continued to shout at me, but I simply told her quietly that I was taking the offer of a free few days at the Rusty Dragon and I would see her around town. Mom thought she was getting the last gibe when she shouted at me that I was my father’s daughter. I simply turned around long enough to shout back. “No I’m your daughter. I’m not the one who fell in love with an elf.” That shut her up, because it is hard to argue with the truth. Seeing the astonished, hurt look on her face, I went back and kissed her cheek, said I loved her but I needed some time alone. I would see her around town, and then made my way to the Rusty Dragon. The ale and the story of how my friend’s face ended up looking like it went through a meat grinder were enough to distract me for now.

An Abstract of The Duties of the Priest of Abadar as laid out in their contract between their God and his worshipers.*
A priest of Abadar is one of the people responsible for the smooth flow of goods between individuals, companies, and governments. He does not physically move the goods, but he is responsible for making sure that both parties get what they contracted for.

He is to make sure that there are no local, or national laws broken by either party, that all weights and measures are precise and accurate, and that the letter of the contract was followed. He must insure that all parties are aware of the contract and have a chance to read it. He is also required, to the best of his ability, to lay out the penalties if the contract is violated. The church is required to keep a record of all contracts that it negotiates.

The Church strives to keep a record of all professional and craft people that sell their goods, and if said professional and craft people, have ever been fined for poorly kept scales, or refusing to let a priest test their scales, if the use of such scales is in said people’s business.

Priests of Abadar may also be called in to adjudicate between two or more parties when asked by all parties to do so. The priest will determine what the parties want him to adjudicate and then he can decide whether he wants to or not. He is also allowed to set his own fee if he decides to preform the Adjudication, but will be required to remit half of said fee to the church in the form of dues.

The Church of Abadar can also issues letters of credit to individuals or companies or governments that do not wish to carry large sums with them when they travel between any two places of business. Said people can leave any sum with the church and it will be guaranteed honored at the next destination as long as identity of the presenter can be reasonably confirmed as well as the letters in their possession. This can usually be done by going to a local church of Abadar. Individual priest are not allowed to substantiate these letters.

  • The actual contract, as of last count, ran to 387 pages. It is written in infernal, draconic, and celestial to help better define certain concepts. Unfortunately this has also added some gray areas to the document. For example the idea of trading your soul to a being of the outer plane is commonly thought of as “forever” however, the draconic meaning of the phrase is “a very long time”. At this time, the meaning is limited to the “heat death of the universe for the prime material individual who agreed to the deal.” and then can be renegotiated.
A Hunting they shall go

Joseck woke up. Sunlight was bright in his room so he figured it had been up about two hours. Getting out of the warm bed he pulled off his night gown and shivering gave himself a quick bath from the cold water in the pitcher on the washstand. He dried himself briskly and got into his cleaned and mended traveling clothes, then the breastplate that he had started wearing in the last few months.

While strapping on the beautiful Darkwood crossbow his parents had given him last year when he had graduated seminary, he once again admired the beautiful wood grain and lightness of it. It was an expensive gift and so he practiced with it regularly to try and be worthy of such a fine weapon.

Checking his appearance in the silver over the stand he brushed his hair and then decided to tie it back in a black ribbon, to keep it out of his eyes. He liked his long brown, curly hair and was sad every time he thought about cutting it off. It was not very businesslike for someone of his station to wear as his wife always pointed out but it was also why she had noticed him in the first place.

He stepped out into the hall of his parents house and quickly made his way to the kitchen where cook already had food sitting on the table. He felt a twinge of quilt when he saw his plate already at his seat with his usual request of two eggs, a ham steak and two biscuits. He should have told her last night he would not have the time this morning to eat at the table. Cutting the biscuits open he slid a portion of ham into each, and then giving cook a resounding kiss on the cheek he headed out the door.

The morning air was brisk but the sunshine was bright with no clouds in sight. It looked like the hunt would be on. Hurrying out to the stable he whistled up the groom to get Traveler saddled and ready. While that was happening Joseck leaned against the stable door, munched the biscuits and thought about the contracts he had studied for his parents last night.

They were well done, his Mom had grown up in a merchant family, and Dad had been making deals most of his life and had a very good head for business though he would not thank me for the compliment. Still with the training at the church Joseck thought he saw some ways that he could improve on them and was eager to discuss the matter with his parents this evening.

The groom lead out Traveler and mounting him Joseck headed off quickly to the Inn. It was across town but Sandpoint was so small that it would not take long to cross. Nodding at the occasional acquaintance he saw, he hurried toward the Inn, but was careful not to ride too fast, he did not need to scare some matron half to death this morning. He did not ride that well either and he did not want to appear foolish. A merchant and priest must maintain his respectability at all times.

Arriving in front of the inn Joseck saw the others gathered around getting ready to head out to try and take on a boar. The rich merchant that we had saved a few days ago was very proper and offered the group a substantial reward for saving his life. Then he with his three servants and Joseck’s little group headed out to Tick wood. A place Joseck remembered with some dread from his youth.

Once there Meadow, a poor, half-breed elf Joseck had known most of his life, was more than capable of finding the boar. The group no sooner got into the wood and the ranger, Tyrell, had just gotten off his horse to start looking for spoor when Meadow points south and says that way just a short distance and you will find your boar.

About half of the people hung back until the boar was spotted and then the group all rushed in to join the excitement of the kill. The creature was huge but seemed very confused by the large number of people about. Several arrows were quickly put into it and then Autumn, the animal companion of Meadow, jumps on the creature’s back and rode it down.

Hunting or just looking for trouble

I spent the night at the Rusty Dragon last night. As much as it hurt to have the argument with my mum it has been nice being here, even Autumn is enjoying it. When she isn’t on duty she really is just a large puddy tat. She enjoyed stretching out on the hearth rug, though there were a few comments about how many times her kind end up being hearth rugs.
The next morning we were invited to go out Boar hunting in the tickwoods. The meat from the hunt would be a feast shared by all. A little hunting practice and sharing of the proceeds. I can enjoy that. I have to say it was rather nice that our benefactor kindly gave us ridding horses. Part of me wants to say that I got that stubborn horse as a joke, but in all honestly they probably gave it to me because if anyone of us could make it into a good war horse, I could. Yeah they were wrong, trotter, does NOT want to have anything to do with combat to say the least.

I knew of a good male boar that had frequented a clearing in the forest due to the prime mushrooms there. He had been known to destroy the tree bark of a few of our best willow trees as well as a few of our neighbor’s crops, so his demise wouldn’t be missed too much around here. Finding him was easy, taking him down wasn’t. We were just not having much luck getting him to go down. I even tried a go at the thing, but my horse had other ideas. It ended up the Autumn took it down. Unfortunately she does have claws and ripped his hide pretty good. I’m sorry about the hide but this was for the meat not the hide. Could Autumn kill with one bite, sure, but not an animal that size with that much ferocity.

When we got back to town with the kill it was set up to be roasted for dinner while the rest of the group went to speak with the sheriff. They came back with some interesting stories to tell. The Sheriff is going to Magnimar to get more guards. While he is gone he asked us to keep an ‘unofficial’ eye on the town. The head of the town glass works came in and down right insulted our innkeeper, who happened to be his daughter. The strike she made with that ladle of her’s made quite the mess, but he deserved it.

Just went we were enjoying the fire before bed a towns woman came in begging for help. Her son had been saying for a week there was a goblin in his closet, well it turns out tonight the goblin decided to attack the family dog and the little boy. Thank fully the little boy only got scratches, but the father was left at the house to deal with the thing. We suited up and went out to find the thing. It was not pretty. The father was found with his head in the hole the goblin had dung in the floor of the armoire. It had cut his face off and tried to eat it.

Gruesome was an understatement. My friends tried to question the thing but it was mad. I almost want to pity the thing. It had been cornered with out food or water for more than a week. If an animal is that far gone in the head it doesn’t have that good of quality of life. Even if it could be fed and watered, its mind is gone. Release it to his gods would be better than continued life. It is not our place to do this mercy, and so turned him over to the town guard. He will be mercifully released from his moral existence in the morning. This left us with a sad task to perform.

We returned to the Rusty Dragon and Josek had to tell the poor woman that her husband was dead. When my father died we would have been lost had we not had a good profession to live on, and we were lucky family members took pity on us. This woman didn’t appear to have that support. The boy didn’t look much older than I was when my father died, and their was the baby to contend with as well. We had been gifted with 50 gold pieces for saving the rich man’s life. I can’t just take that gold with out helping others with it. I gave her 10% of it. Yes that is only 5 gold pieces but that is nearly three months of her husband’s wages. That would at least get her through the winter. My companions also gave her coins. She should be alright for a year provided she minds her pennies.

I woke up the next morning to do my daily prayers and found the inn quiet. Mornings are never quiet, even in the woods. When the place is silent, be on guard. I found that the inn keeper had not started breakfast nor stoked the fires. This was odd, very odd. Her Halfling servant went with me to awaken her. We found her gone, with a letter near by. Her brother asked her to come to the glass works to discuss their father. According to the letter he had something to do with the goblin attack. I immediately summoned my friends. It was plain to us that we must investigate this. The sheriff is gone, and there is no one who could take care of this but us. We went there but it was locked up. Our elf friend was able to get us in. We heard the fires going, but as we investigated we found goblins had killed the staff that lived in the works, and had coated someone in glass. The goblins had been putting parts of their victims into the fires, and laughing as they did so. We managed to take them on, but a few got away. Next time, they will not get away!

Once they were dealt with we discovered the person in the glass, was the father. This was NOT good. The next question was where was the daughter? And the son?

A horror, but with a nice, profit ending.

The glassworks was a horror. The workers had been caught by surprised, and the lucky ones, butchered on the spot. Pieces of humans were thrown into the kilns, or dipped in molten glass. The Owner of the place, Mr. Kaijitsu, had molten glass poured over him and was still alive when it happened, gruesome, and though if finished, would be an interesting showpiece in the right setting. One of my friends pointed out that the person that would have such a showpiece was the type of person that we would be hunting down to bring to justice.

That whole good/evil thing is sometimes a bit nebulous, give me good solid laws to follow. Much happier. Anyway just because you own something does not mean you would have done the deed yourself that created the “art” work. I mean I have sold insects trapped in amber but would never dream of putting an insect in amber myself, that seems cruel and messy, though very profitable… hmmm.

Anyway. Human artwork is bad. Must make a note of that.


Lexia expounded on this note when she saw me writing about it. She indicated it is not that the showing of human remains is bad, or any intelligent creature for that matter, but that the creature actually suffered during the process. That was what was bad.

It was a shame, because that was what made the “art work?” so valuable, so interesting, that moment of fascinating horror. What the viewer thinks when they see it. What it reveals about their inner self. I mean there is not much value in seeing someone laid out in a formal death pose, cast in glass for all to see. So boring, may as well be a statue made of marble. No its value was in the fact that the person was not dead at the time of the making, that they did suffer.

Well I got off the subject. The Kaijitsu Glassworks. We went there after finding a letter in Ameiko Kaijitsu’s room at the Rusty Dragon. It was addressed to her from her supposedly long missing step-brother, asking her to come the their father’s glassworks. The letter was very suspicious, talking about their father working with goblins for some shaky trail of logic.

(Like a hardworking, industrious, successful business man would have the time, or inclination to work with goblins. No, it was obvious, this layabout, shiftless, half-breed son was in league with these goblin creatures and trying to lure his half-sister to him so he could kill both her and their father both, and then come in latter and take over the business for himself.)

We hurried to the glassworks and found the workers dead and goblins still running a muck. We killed them, and then faced this son, but he was very good with his bare hands in a combat, and he seriously hurt several of our party members before we drove him off. We found Ameiko Kaijitsu tied up in one of the storerooms under the glassworks and we found some plans for a much bigger attack of goblins on the village itself. We will get these plans back to the village Mayor so she can deal with it.

I also got to inform Ameiko that she was going to be the sole owner of one of the most important companies in Varisia. That is, once we, the church, confirmed that there were no other claimants and that all her father’s debts had been paid. She seemed in shock from the good news and burst in to tears.

Sinspawn, Rasures, and wet puddy tads

You know your day is not going to go well when you find a corpse in a solid block of glass; tough way to start a morning to say the least. We discovered Lonjiku Kaijitsu encased in glass. It is suspected that his half elf “son” did this to him. While the rest of us went to explore the rest of the Kaijitsu glass works Lexia, Telchard, and my cat Autumn stayed to guard the area. I set Autumn to not less anyone pass through the door to the obvious basement. A few moments later the two goblins, that got away returned…with help. Autumn kept the goblins at bay with a few swipes of her claws but the half elf monk Tsuto managed to evade her. While Autumn kept the goblins from joining the fray, Tsuto attacked Lexia much to Techard’s mighty swings of the ax. By the time the rest of us got there, he was long gone but I sent Autumn after him, soon as I realized what had happened. She went after him as if she had been scalded. Unfortunately, the bastard got to a door and slammed it in her face. There are days when having thumbs is a plus. Autumn was not pleased her prey got away. I only hope I can let her get her claws on him later.

We searched around the area where Tsuto had been hiding out. In the rooms, we found information regarding a plot to invade our town using the local goblin tribes. We convinced the local town guards that we needed preparations started to prevent this invasion. Guards were set at the tunnel and on the outer walls, as well as alerting the local fisherman to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. We then began our preparation to explore the smuggling tunnels we found. To prevent a panic there was not a lot we could say to our families to warn them of the possible danger. I did encourage my mother to stick close to town, and keep weapons handy. She may not have taken me completely seriously, especially since our recent disagreements, but she did promise that at the first sign of trouble she would take the animals and go to where it was safe. There is not a lot more I can do but hope nothing goes wrong while we are gone.

The next morning we headed out into the caverns. We came across the pool where the goblins had been hiding out. On the other side, we entered unworked tunnels. There we found sin incarnate. No seriously sin incarnate. They were called sinspawn. They are creatures made up of someone’s sin. Nasty boogers to say the least. It was quite amusing afterward. The cat would bit the things leg, causing it to trip and fall. Then Telchar would bring his big dwarven hammer down hard on the thing’s head, crushing it to pieces. Each time the things would try to get up, if the cat’s claws did not kill it, then the dwarf’s hammer would.

We continued along and found a vile alter to a vile demon god. It would need to be destroyed but for now, we have other problems. In the main chamber, we found more of those sinspawn, and a little gnat of thing called a Quasit, a little 18 inch long blighter of a flying thing? We threw everything we had at the blighter, arrows, flares, and even the cat itself. Have you ever seen a cat that seems to say, “Forget this” when it has been chasing a toy, or butterfly. It lets out in a run and takes a flying leap at the thing. That is what Autumn did, well tried to anyway. She ran up on to the stage thing, did a 15-foot leap out across the room, in an attempt to catch the thing, and narrowly missed it. Then fell with a resounding splash into the pool. Thankfully, since she is a cat, she landed on her feet, though that did not help the fact I had a wet puddy tat on my hands… one that like to shake the wetness off on all our companions. Unfortunately, the thing just disappeared and ran away. Where it went we do not know, but for now it is not attacking us anymore.

We went back to looking around. Telchar found another ransure. It is a type of reach weapon to take down things up high or thing far away. When we ran into that thing that paralyzed the other’s, and bit Autumn and Morfin. Morfin got healing that cured him, but the healing potion did not work for Autumn. I am worried about her. We must continue to scout out this area, but I fear for my beloved furry companion.

Letter To Aldern

Letter to aldern

Through briar and bush we go

I thought we were through with those sinspawn when we had run that runewell dry, but sadly that was not the case. Lexia and I were again attacked by them but managed to fight off their nasty grasp upon us. The others managed to tear them to ribbons until they were no more.
You know you are in trouble when you come across a Goblin with an arm coming out of his back. No seriously that is what we ran into. It was some sort of hideous vile act of creation I have seen yet. Someone had attached a human size arm onto the back of this goblin warrior. He pulled a lever and trouble began to rise from the floor. In the pits around the room were zombies. Thankfully, our faithful priest was able to harm them with his divine magic, but it was not enough.

Autumn bounded across the room to provide a flank for Morfin but she was badly injured. I called for her to break away. It didn’t take much coaching for her to flee. I stepped up and took her place. I can not take many hits but I was in far better shape than my poor kitty. I was amazed at what our fighters were able to do with those long ransures. Who knew that long reach could be so helpful?

Once the zombies were destroyed we were able to explore a bit more. We found a spherical room that had things floating in it. Unnatural doesn’t cover how I felt about the place. There were varieties of items floating in the space. Moreover, as any good person would do, we knew we needed them as either proof to the authorities, or to be destroyed by the church. It was quite amusing watching the dwarf throw the elf out into the void. I know it is a little naughty of me but part of me wanted to see what would happen if Morfin went face first into the dead raven and maggots. It is not right but it would have been funny.

As for getting out, Telchard found a place where the earth and stone was thin. With his help, we dug our way up and out. It was a bit off putting to find that we came out in the middle of someone’s courtyard garden in the middle of Sandpoint. We put guards on the hole, and ran to the priest.

With his help we were able to destroy the temple below and that evil rune well. The whole time my poor kitty was badly injured. It cost us a bottle of good expensive wine for the temple priest to try to cure my poor Autumn, but it was to no avail. For two days I used my magic’s to try to heal her, and after my 4th attempt she was cured. I was so happy. I could not bear to lose my friend. She sleeps by me at night, and watches after me as I sleep, and meditate. She was my companion when I had no one. I could not bear to lose her even if it took me 100 days of trying. She is my true friend.

Now that the threat of attack from below has been dealt with we had to deal with the goblins on the island. We set out to find them. It should have been only a 4 hour journey but it took longer. The goblins know the woods well, and the woods are thick with briars and impassable shrubs. If it was just me, it would have been simple, for I can pass through the thickest of underbrush as if it was mere mist. My companions cannot, and they make a great deal of noise and tracks.

We found a hidden path door and took it into the forest. There were animal and goblin paths to follow. Most of our group had to stoop to follow but follow they did. For a brief moment I thought we were lost, but I was able to quiet the goblin dogs. For what is a goblin dog but dog with a REALLY bad skin allergy, right? Once they realized we meant no threat they were happy being dogs, and left us alone. We continued on until I lost the trail at an intersection. We could go right or left. We chose left and came to a bridge. In case there was a problem with weight, goblins are small after all, we went over one by one. In addition, it allowed the others to cover them should there be an attack. There wasn’t an attack but it wasn’t until all of us but Morphin were across that he mentioned that the bridge was trapped. Why didn’t he tell us that sooner! Oh well, at least we were smart about it. Morphin jammed the mechanism so that if we have to make a hasty retreat we will not have to worry about it dropping us 80 feet to the rocks below.

As we came up to a wooden stockade, we saw a group of goblins being horrid to a poor seagull. They didn’t live long. Between Lexia’s spells and the blades of our companions they didn’t last long. The next task will be to find out what is on the other side of that wall…….


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