Fort Rannick

Fort Rannick was commissioned by the Lords of Magnimar and built by the Dwarves of Janderhoff. The Fort was built as a condition for rulership and tithe of the town of Turtleback Ferry and the region around this important trade route. The Fort, partially built into the base of the Scythe Mountain at the end of a short valley, just to the north of Hook Mountain, dominates the southern edge of the Iron Peaks and is situated to protect not only Turtleback Ferry, but the rivers flowing into and from the Storval Deep including Claybottom River. The Dwarven engineers ensured adequate protection and visibility for the approaches to the Fortress, making it one of the most defensible non-dwarf held fortress in Varisia. It is rumored that the only way for the Fortress to fall was for it to fall from within.

The Fort is manned by the Order of the Black Arrows, an isolationist group of rangers dedicated to patrolling the Storval Plain and keeping the Kreeg clan of ogres on Hook Mountain from slaughtering all of the pioneers, merchants and treasure hunters.

With the defeat of the Kreegs and the resurgence of a more dominant and blessedly neutral Stone Giant clan led by Kona the Wise, the near destruction of the Black Arrows has not been so acutely felt.

Currently, the fort is manned by a small detachment of dwarven engineers from the Janderhoff, skirmishers and archers from Magnimar, as well as the first recruits returning to rebuild the Black Arrows.

Fort Rannick

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