An isolated site of great magical power, the black tower now known as Jorgenfist was originally constructed by unknown forces of Thassilon as a research enclave. The black tower and the cultists within strove to record the history of Thassilon and the Runelords, and did so up until Earthfall.

Following the fall of Thassilon, the site was lost to time, except amongst the local Stone Giants. The Stone Giants, once servants of the rulers of Thassilon, consider the Blacktower and the underground complex around it to be holy ground, though its place in history as to why they hold such place sacred is lost in the millennia.

Located within an unnamed valley along the eastern edge of the Storval Plateau, Jorgenfist served as the base of operations for the Stone Giant Transmuter Mokmurian. He and his giant allies turned the holy tower into a fortress, housing an army of Ogres, Hill, Stone and Storm Giants.

Mokmurian’s defeat at the hands of the Heroes of Sandpoint splintered the Giant alliance. The Storm Giants, outnumbered, fled north back to the Khodar Mountains. The hill giant and ogre tribes were splintered by the now unified tribes of the Stone Giants, led by Kona the Wise.

Kona has pledged the neutrality of the Stone Giants on the condition that the location of Jorgenfist not be revealed to the rest of Varisia. Thus far, the Heroes of Sandpoint have upheld their end of the bargain, and its secrets have been delved only be Lexia Dernas, who teleports directly into the Fortress to continue her research into the history of Thassilon as need be.


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