The Black Arrows

The Order of the Black Arrows


The Black Arrows are an order of Rangers nominally allied with the City of Magnimar. The Arrows are based out of Fort Rannick, near Turtleback Ferry and are tasked with the patrol of the areas in and around Iron Peaks. The Arrows maintain diplomatic ties, as well as perform police actions, against the numerous Ogre, Hill and Stone Giant tribes that make the Iron Peaks their home. The Black Arrows and Kreegs, the largest Ogre clan, often skirmished in and around Turtle Back Ferry.


The Order of Black Arrows has been a secretive and insular order for decades, since its founding by Zarnath Rannick. Traditionally a wandering order of hunters and rangers dedicated to patrolling the Storval Rise, the Black Arrows saw it as their duty to prevent giant incursions from the plateau into Varisia. When Magnimar offered the order a fort in the shadow of Hook Mountain, Zarnath accepted graciously but died in a battle against the Kreeg ogres before the fort was completed. His men named the keep after him, and ever since, Fort Rannick has been instrumental in keeping the ogres, trolls, and other giants of the region from spreading too far into the lowlands.

During the 45 years they’ve been stationed at the fort, the Black Arrows inducted new members often – typically petty criminals – given a choice between severe punishment or a lifetime sworn to manning the walls of the fort and patrolling the perilous heights of Hook Mountain. Conditions at Fort Rannick swiftly made honest men out of most of these criminals, forcing them to engage in a vicious regimen of training that stripped away all sense of their
life prior to joining the order. The task of keeping the horrors of the Hook at bay is a grueling one and requires a level of discipline unattainable by many soldiers. They have a reputation for dealing with trouble among the ranks of the order in their own way. Those who disobey commands are flogged near to death before being exiled to the south. Those who betray the order are mercilessly executed. Their justice swift, their reputation fierce, it wasn’t until recently that the Black Arrows finally met their match.

The Hook Mountain Massacre

The Black Arrows were betrayed from within, and their numbers were nearly wiped out by the Stone Giant Barl Breakbones, the Lamia known as Lucrecia. The two were working in concert with the Skinsaw Cult, marking victims of their schemes with the Rune of Greed. Both Barl Breakbones and Lucrecia were killed by the Heroes of Sandpoint.

After the Massacre

The sole survivor of the Massacre and retaking the fort is a high level ranger called Jakardros Sovark. He has taken it upon himself to rebuild the order, and has been joined by his adopted daughter, the ranger Shalelu, has volunteered to join the Black Arrows and has begun recruiting the astray and the dedicated to the new order.

The Black Arrows

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