The Lost Temple

Located beneath the town of Sandpoint, the Lost Temple appears to have been a complex dedicated and constructed by the Runelord Alaznist.

The temple was notable in that it seemed to contain agents from two separate Runelords – agents of the Runelord of Wrath, who constructed the temple and a surviving agent of Lamashtu in the service of the Runelord of Greed.

The party uncovered the initial complex, driving out the undead and otherworldly Sinspawn of Wrath by destroying the Minor Runewell that had been secreted there. It is unknown if the guardian of the temple, a Mephit Priest of Lamashtu, was killed or merely driven off, but it has not been seen since the battle.

Following the attack on Sandpoint by agents of Mokmurian, the Party was able to delve deeper into the Lost Temple, uncovering an undiscovered portion of the complex. Revealed from damage suffered by the boulders thrown by the Stone Giants, the party was able to uncover several rooms inhabited by a Priest of Lamashtu, bound to the rooms, who called himself “The Scribbler”. The Scribbler, quite mad after the centuries of isolation, was one of the last living souls to know of the location of the Runeforge. After defeating the priest, the Party was able to ascertain the location of the Runeforge and travelled there.

Following the defeat of The Scribbler, the lost temple has become quite the fixture for members of the Pathfinder Chroniclers as well as students of Azlanti and Thassilonian history, leading to a small boone in the local economy.

The Lost Temple

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