The Runelords will Rise

A slow Trek

Being woken up by having a fireball go off by your head is not a good thing. Some weird looking guy floated over my spike and had snuck up on us. He warned us to leave, but we knew we had to find the body of the Ranger Captain. We tried one area, but there was nothing of value there. The ogres that had been there had been the reinforcements, and they were now dead.

We proceeded into the main cavern and met trouble, and an ‘old’ friend. The ‘witch’ that had gotten away at the Fort had come here. Oh she was going to die, but it was not going to be easy to get to her. Tyrel had slept in his armor so was tired and sore, but a spell from Lexi allowed him to move faster and shoot more arrows at her. Mei moved up with Morfin and Telchar to engage the undead white, who happened to be our undead Ranger Captain. I summoned two large creatures to attack the evil ones from behind, while my companions did damage from the front. With the melee going strong I called forth to the heaven to bring down lightening upon them. The open sky above us was full of storm clouds, and it made my spell more powerful. The battle was fierce but the evil ones were killed.

With the evil one’s dead, and the body of the Ranger Captain found, we tried to salvage what we could and head back down the mountain. They say you can sometimes hear wheels turning in someone’s brain when they are thinking of something, I swear I heard cash drawer bells ringing around Josek when we started past that jeweled giant. Really, he wanted to take that with us? It took a bit of teamwork but we got the armor off the thing, stowed in haversacks, and other makeshift bags. We them removed the amulet from around its neck. I was sure it was about to come to life, instead it instantly decomposed into bones and goo. YUCK! I transformed into an Earth Elemental and carried stuff down, my companions followed and set up camp at the base of the mountain, while I headed back up for a second load.

The next morning Telchar and Captain Ettienne Nacvarre stayed with the loot, while the rest of us went back in to Shimmer glens. The place was looking a lot better. There were still places where it was certainly odd, but the unnaturalness of the places was being lifted. This time I approached the Nymph along, and brought the body with us. I could only sit back in awe as she used her own life force to reincarnate his lost love. The color and breath returned to him before my eyes, and the light of life left the Nymph. When she was done, she was nothing more, but her love was standing before us, not a blemish on him. He tried to get him to return to the fort but he vowed to continue his love’s work and protect the White Willows. Our job done we make our way back to the Fort.

We had found out a plot against sand point, and we sent a messenger on a fast horse to sand point. We could not get there for at least a month, and they needed the warning sooner rather than later. As we prepared to head down to Turtleback Ferry with our gains, we got word that the dam had burst and the town was flooding. They needed help, NOW! As the other’s galloped down the road to town I transformed and went into the town in half the time. A creature was attacking some children on a boat. I summoned a great orca and it nearly bit the thing in half, and moments later another chomp was taken out of it, and it was dead. I swooped down, transformed and using a scroll healed the little girl. Her hug was worth all the gold our group had ever found.



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