The Runelords will Rise

First Encounter

The afternoon was nice, sun shining, breeze blowing, town was busy, but not too busy, and people nodded and some tipped their hat at him. Him being none other than Morfindien Rolovathar one of the heroes of Sandpoint. Nodding back at those who have acknowledged him, he showed a slight smile. Morfin has been no stranger to Sandpoint, but never really been acknowledged like this before after he and his friends helped save Sandpoint from the goblins and with other numerous tasks. Children cheered him, women adored him, some men respected him, and while other loathed him for the attention, he was getting from the women. Morfin was never one for companionship, or love this day that changed.

Morfin walked through the city center past a few fruit stands stabbing an apple with his dagger and tossing a few silver to the stand owner as he entered the city that afternoon. He was on his way to meet his companions at The Rusty Dragon, a local and very popular inn and bar here at Sandpoint, when he came across a group of thugs beating up a young man just outside of the inn down an alleyway nearby.

Dropping his apple, he started down the alleyway as he saw a flash of a knife being brandished and he pulled out his trusty rapier and tumbled towards them. One of the thugs punched the young man in the gut dropping him to his knees as Morfin tumbled through and with an excellent combat maneuver stopped the knife with his own weapon. Startled the two men look at Morfin and recognize him and back away not wanting anything to do with Morfin and quickly run off.

Watching the two thugs run off he turns around to see the young man on the ground trying to regain his breath. An unremarkable about five foot and three inches, give an inch or two young man was before him. Well-muscled without being bulky, skin tanned and freckled, shaggy shear-cut sandy blond hair the color that of a wheat field, with vivid blue eyes looked up at him.

Their eyes met for what seemed an eternity and Morfin felt something even though they had not exchanged any words as of yet as he looked into this man’s blue eyes, eventually extending his hand to help the man to his feet. “Are you alright?”, Morfin asked feeling slight flutter of attraction inside to this person.

“Ye-Yeh…”, the man replied rubbing his gut. “Was a slight bet that had gone wrong.”

Morfindien nodded, “It happens…” he paused, “…games of chance can be dangerous at times.”

“You’re tellin’ me. I was just here to try to make some additional coin to help my father out on the farm. We’ve fallen on some rough times,” picking up his scattered pouch of silver a few feet away.

Morfin bending down to help the stranger as he introduces himself, “I’m Morfindien Rolovathar.”

The man looks up tying off his pouch and smiles at the elf, “William Fieldson, friends call me Will, or Willy.”

A slight smile crosses Morphin’s face, “A pleasure to meet you Will, you may call me Morf, or Morfin as that is what my friends also call me.”

Will smiles back and he extends his hand again, “Thank you, Morfin. You are a kind man, but I should get back. If you ever find yourself in the Farmlands look me up.”

Shaking Will’s hand nodding feeling his chest become light hearted once again by his touch, “I shall do that Will. I hope we meet again soon, be safe.”

Exchanging longing glances one last time the two had parted ways, but the memory of the brief encounter had made Morfin smile as he walked into The Rusty Dragon looking over his shoulder in hopes to catch another glimpse at William as he walked away, which made him smile even wider.



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