The Runelords will Rise

Frozen Trouble

Frozen Trouble

We sent Morfin into the show to scout out what out there in the snow. We couldn’t see more than 10 feet away because of the snow, and lucky to hear anyone from 5 feet away due to the galling wind. Once we got word that were at the place, by finding an Ogre no less, I cast ‘animal growth’ on Mei, and dropped her into the snow. I know not the most polite thing to do, but the spell turned my pint size puddy tat into something the size of Bagheera. Even if it didn’t do her any favors combat wise, it also kept her from blowing away in the wind. We made a human change and battled both the ogres and the weather to go into the lair’s entrance.
It gave me the creeps to see the ribs and backbone of a blue dragon fused into the stone supporting the entryway. Further in we has a slight fright. It was a gargantuan giant clothed in jewel encrusted armor, perfectly preserved. I kept an eye on the thing as we passed it. It would be just our luck that soon as we past it, it would come to life as an undead mummy and squish us. Thankfully that didn’t happen.
We continued on until we ran into a couple of Ogres, not a good sign. I went into “hidden death” mode, ie I turned into a bat and found a place to hide in the rafters. The next spell I cast was something I had just learned. It caused long sword size stone spike to spring out of the stone where ever I wanted them. That would slow down any reinforcements, and it did. It didn’t take long for reinforcements to come running, and they couldn’t get past the spikes without doing serious damage to themselves. That left them hurling javelins at us, and Tyrel to start picking them off one by one with his cross bow. Hey maybe I did something good for once. Once all of those Ogres were dead we went into an area that had three, what appeared to be, old hag. Just our luck they were witches. They got off one joint spell before one of them was sliced in half. They didn’t last long, but they packed punch. By now we were all tired. We had a large fire, the passageways to us from all directions were blocked with stone spikes for the next 9 hours, and we were all exhausted from our track up the mountain. It was the best place as any to get sleep before more trouble showed up.



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