The Runelords will Rise

Mold, Mildew, Ghouls, and other nasty things

The ghouls were coming for us, considering the sounds outside. We dared not go outside. This was far more easily defended. Thankfully we were able to bar one end of the barn’s doors, and we had Telchar, Morphin, Joesek, and Tyrell holding the line at the other. It was obvious; if we were not careful the ghouls would come through the far door and surround us. My entangle spell was still going in that corner, but it wouldn’t slow them down completely. Those things were strong and it wouldn’t take much for them to beat down that door. What we needed were extra pairs of fighting hands. Thinking it had saved us once before, I might as well tray again, I summoned not one air elemental as I had done before, but three. They stood as a wall holding the other door, just as my friends were doing at the other. Soon as the door fell the elementals began swirling into whirlwinds above my entangling grass. The ghouls became entangled, then ripped up into the cyclone of the three elementals. They were bashed around taking damage until they fell out, and were again picked back up, and bashed some more. I could only keep them here for 30 seconds but it was enough to make those behind them flee to where Telchar was thrashing them soundly. Bits of Ghoul rained down on us in the barn as they were torn asunder. I think my powers may be coming into their own after this. The “Where the hell did that come from?” and they “Dam glad they are on our side!” comments from my companion sounded like a good thing. At least no one can say I hide behind my cat and do nothing during our battles anymore.

While I left the elementals to deal with them, I took on the small girl ghoul that threatened Lexia. Sadly I couldn’t manage to hit the little girl, but she could hit me. I was badly injured, and infected by her bite. All in all we got out of there lucky. Poor Josek, and Tyrell were paralyzed but were able to come out of it. Unfortunately, like myself, Joesek was also infected by a bite. I was able to care for myself as I knew what I was in for if I didn’t. Sadly Father Joesek could get no treatment until morning when he woke up very ill indeed. Thankfully, he was able to pray for healing, and receive it.

After our battle with the ghouls in the barn we took refuge in the farm house, as it was already dark. We dare not attempt to go back to town at this time of night, especially with the change more of those ghouls out there. Inside we found another gruesome sight. The farmer/ caretaker was strung up like the other victims we had seen. His jaw too had been removed, and the symbols carved into his chest. Also, pinned to his tunic, was another letter for Lexia. Around the man’s neck was a finely made key, that fit a well-made box that Morphin found hidden behind a loose stone in the fireplace. Inside was years’ worth of payment from who we can only expect to be the Foxglove family for taking care of their lands. Once we had found what we could, we took the body of the farmer out to the barn, and after removing the horses, burnt it to the ground. Sadly the place contained too much death to be cleaned any other way.

The next day we made our way to the Foxglove Manor, also called the Misgivings. The pathway was little more than a foot path but our horses and Bagheera made it safely. As local stories told, the servants’ quarters were nothing more than a burn husk, but what it odd was that it looked freshly burned, as if it was done a couple days before, not years ago. When Starshadow was getting uneasy about the place, I knew we were in for an interesting time. It takes quite a lot to shake a horse as stalwart as him.

We made our way to the large manor house. The exterior looked worn, but none of the windows were broken. This was odd because hoodlums often will find unused manor house and shatter their windows for fun. This showed no sign of anyone coming here save the caretaker.
We entered through the main door using the key we had found. Oddly enough it fit the made door. This good well be an omen of luck, or misfortune. The main hall was impressive to say the least. Inside was a stuffed manticore as well as other animal trophies. I don’t agree with the taking of animals merely as a trophy. They should only be hunted for food, then again if you had managed to kill a manticore single handed, you MIGHT want proof you did it. The manticore I can begrudge them, the others, no so much.

As we explored we came to a magnificent stain glass window. The view out into the sea should have been breathtaking, but instead they have blocked the view with the odd stain glass window. In the glass were the shapes of various magical creatures. I believe it was Lexia, who commented that the boxes at the bottom of the glasses were actually inscribe with words, not to keep that time of creature out, but to bring them in, and ensnare them. I am not the type to get my hackles raise but even I started to get a little jumpy.

Next we found a library with all kinds of musty, mold old books, now all worthless. Also we found a chair knocked over, and a bloody bookend tossed into the long cold fire place. It was odd to see a simple scarf laying there. Who would have thought the most dangerous thing in the room was that bloody scarf. Before I could blink, it wrapped it’s self around my neck, knocked, and began to choke me. As I pulled at the scarf to get air back in my lungs, I saw someone. It was Alderen, Alderen Foxglove as if a ghost, tightening the scarf around my neck trying to choke me. Lexia did something that removed the scarf from ‘ Alederen’s’ grasp, and I was set free. I was never so grateful for my friends arcane magic’s. It was unsettling to say the least.

We continued to look around. Things were tight quarters so I attempted to stay out of the way, and watch everyone’s back. We had no more explored the washroom, when Morphin went nuts. Not exactly berserk per say, but certainly not right in the head. For one he thought Telchar was his beloved ‘daughter’, and he had to get her out of the house. I have heard tales of people getting so drunk they mistake a barmaid who scores a -3 for a 9, but really, mistake our grumpy bushy faced dwarf for a blonde hair little girl. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable. When Morphin attempted to bodily drag Telchar down the hall and out of the house, we knew this was more than him sniffing the wrong fungus. Using her arcane magic’s, Lexia examined the spell affecting Morphin and found that he was under some sort of enchantment that could take hours to wear off. Tyrell and Telchar himself tried to tie Morphin up but he is too good at his job. Morphin is trained to get out of ropes, and bindings. Lexi even tried color spraying him because that worked so well last time, it only slowed him down for a moment. My spells would slow him down, but they would also cause great harm to him. What more can we do other than crack him over the back of the head, and put him to sleep? I once said I was Morphin’s back up set of eyes, yeah with him about to be knocked into unconsciousness, I might have to step up. I’m a druid not some dungeon diving rogue. I can take you through the thickest of forests, and keep you from falling into the traps and ambushes set there, but in the city or dungeon…. It is not my place. I can only pray that Morphin comes out of it somehow.



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