The Runelords will Rise

Plea for Help

Dear Father,
I know it has been quite a while since I have written, and for that I am sorry, but this is the first, and most important, opportunity I have had in a while to pick up pen and paper.
I have been away from home, my new home, for quite a while, following up on an ancient cult that appears to be resurfacing and wreaking havoc with their return. Our investigations have led us from Sand Point, to Magnamar, and now to the fortress home of the black arrows.
It is this region that I is the reason now for my missives. To be blunt, they need help. The fortress has been nearly destroyed by Ogres (who I will humbly say were driven off by my comrades and me). The town just down river that acts as a way station, trading village, and support structure for the fort as well as all those living in the area has also been nearly completely destroyed by a flood we can only assume was maliciously caused by an attack of some sort on the dam up river.
Both the town and the fort desperately require stone masons, carpenters, and smiths of all variety to rebuild. I cannot promise what the recompense might be, but father, I beg of you, convince the clan elders to send aid as these are good people. In addition to providing a much needed service in rebuilding the town, sending assistance will also help the humans learn to trust and work with the dwarves. This would also serve as a great introduction to possible trade between the communities. The fort was completely ransacked and looted of all weapons, the rangers themselves are also almost extinct, and the town guard needs replenishment. We both know there are more among us under the mountain who occasionally get the wanderlust, and the topsiders up north could use some experienced cavers.
I have also seen evidence of an impending attack on Sand Point and as soon as our mission to secure the dam is complete, we will be returning home. I am anxious to sleep in my own bed again, as well as work on a few personal projects at the forge.
During my travels and studies with the mages of Magnimar and our own Lexy, I have unlocked the secrets of forging enchanted weapons, of course I’ll still need a little help from a practitioner, but that is a small matter at the moment. We must make certain that Sand Point is still standing before I can worry about expanding the forge.
I must be off, Father, we are heading to the dam shortly, I can only hope we are up to the task laying ahead of us. Please give mother my love and ask her if she could send a few baked sweet treats in the next trade caravan. Better make that a double batch, I want to make sure I have enough to share.
Until next time, Father.
Your son,




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