The Runelords will Rise


It took a week but reinforcement arrived to take over control of the Fort. With it safely secured we began our treck to discover what happened to the lost Ranger Captain. Our answers seemed to lead to the Whitewillow in the Shimmer glens. We had the choice of heading around and following the river OR cutting across the Kreegwood to Bitter Hollow. The Kreegwood was to be full of Ogers but we took care of most of them when we killed the Grauls and those from the Fort. There was always a chance that something could happen but it was the fastest we could get there. The trip was uneventful to Bitter Hollow but it was miserable. Wet, and rain has been with us for many a day. When not wet, low dreary clouds hung over us.
The town of Bitter Hollow, if you could call it a town, was just huts for trappers and others to sell their goods to head down the river to Turtleback, and on to Magnimar. Our simple camp seemed more fit for life than some of the homes there. Leaving Captain Ettienne Navarre, Josek’s new paladin companion, with the horses we traveled into the Shimmerglens. Unnatural doesn’t even cover this place. I know it to have once been a beautiful place but, evil, grief, death, and… unnatural ness permeates. I see things between trees, and out the corner of my eye, that I know are not there, but seem so real. There are places where still water sits that no life lives. I have seen such pools, and they are places of death. One of my companions thought he might drink from one, and thankfully stopped before he could do so. We continued on, and found a sailing ship. I found that odd. I don’t know much about sailing ships, but I do know that given the natures of the waters around it is highly unlikely that one could come to this place on its own, so to speak. It could only be there by magic, and very powerful magic indeed. I wanted away from it as fast as possible.
The journey through the Shimmerglens to the Nymphs home was made much easier by the fact we had a guide in the form of a Pixy of some sort. He was a bit excitable, and just wanted to please his mistress. He didn’t threaten us, but you can’t blame us for being a little bit wary of him. The last time we tangled with his kind it didn’t go well for us. Not a pleasant memory. He led us to a pool that was still… too still. This was the Nymph’s home. As a child of nature myself I thought it best if I approached her. What I didn’t count on was my friends coming with me. Just our luck she turned her blinding radiance upon us. I averted my eyes quick enough that I was not blinded but most of my companions were not so lucky. She told us that he love had been taken, and his soul was not at rest. She would reward us if we brought his remains back to her. Considering her love had been captured by a group of ogres and that vile woman who we ran into at the Fort, it would be no problem to do as she asked.
Up in the mountains was the strong hold of the Hook Mountain Clan. The climb would be treacherous but we could do it. We planned for most everything but we didn’t count on the high winds and blizzard of snow that pounded on us at every step. I had to carry Mei because she was being nearly blow away from the strength of the wind. The grumblings of my companions about couldn’t I do something about the weather grew a little daunting at times. Yes I can do things to control the weather, but this weather is not natural weather. There is only so much I can do. I can lessen the cold on every one, and I can turn into a polar bear at night to help keep people warm but there is only so much I can do.
I saw some sort of light coming out of the snow. It could be an entrance into their lair, which means warmth and shelter for us. But that also means that more enemies are nearby, possibly hiding in all the blowing snow…….



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