The Runelords will Rise

Side Quest, Morfin & William

Two Become One

Morfindien walks the streets of Sandpoint with William Fieldson taking in the sights and sounds as things have returned to normal here for the most part. He smiles at William and holds his hand. It’s been months since they have seen each other.

“When this is all over I plan on moving back here,” Morfin said. “I think I want to help the town and set up a school to train people to help defend the town. Why with all that has gone on, we can get some people to properly defend the city.”

William nods at Morfin, “That sounds like a grand idea,” he smiles, “I have been training with Ameiko to learn some skills of my own,” laughing, “I’ll be your first student.”

With a grin, Morfin holds the hand of William tightly, “I think that fraternization between a teacher and a student is frowned upon…” stopping at an empty lot in town, “I have been thinking of building here, building the start of something new, something lasting, something that…” Morfin gets down on one knee and takes William’s hand and asks nervously, “We can have together. Will you be my partner for all times? I love you William, I don’t want to spend another moment without you.”

Shocked, but quickly turning quite emotional William smiles and shakes his head, “Y-yes, you silly fool… yes. I will Morfindien Rolovathar!”

Slipping on a Ring of Protection +1 onto William’s finger he stands up hugging his husband and hugs him, “I will protect you always even when I am not here with this ring as our bond.”

With a flash of color and light Ameiko with Morfin’s family, friends, and some of the townspeople they gather together as Ameiko starts to put her bardly talents to good use singing love song to Morfin and William.

William looks at Morfin and laughs, “Did you do this?”

Smiling at William nodding, “Ameiko came to me and we had a long chat and together we planned all of this when I got back into town,” hugging him.

Together the both of them and everyone had a night to remember dancing, and singing as they all returned to the Rusty Dragon tavern for drinks, food, and more to celebrate this union of Morfin and William.

As the day’s go on Morfin begins construction on his school, and guild hall to protect Sandpoint, and the one he loves.



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