The Runelords will Rise

Thorugh a crack in the wall

We proceeded into the fissure in the wall of the cave. At times we had to squeeze through. I am glad that Mei is so small she just shimmied on through. The fissures brought us out into tunnels that Telchar assured us was under that citadels. The first creature we ran into was a kobold. Normally those things are relatively harmless, but there was something about her that wasn’t …right. Vicious was an understatement. It took some doing but we were able to kill her. Just as the smallest snake can carry the deadliest poison do not underestimate a small creature to be truly ‘harmless’.

Morfin scouted ahead while I stayed in bat form hidden above ready to provide back up. Hey he can go scouting all he wants; I am not going to go out looking around by myself anymore. Being his little bat winged back up is perfectly fine by me.

Morfin found a few giants and thanks to a carefully laid plan we were able to stop them quickly and quietly. Morfin was a little hesitant to let Telchar know what he had found. In the forge room there were a series of cages that had access to the bellows of the fire. Inside were shaved dwarves. Now I like a freshly shaved man, no question, but dwarves are meant to be short hairy and a bit foul tempered. The fact these dwarves were shaved both of face and head was an insult beyond injury. I have a funny feeling we couldn’t have stopped Telchar from killing the giants in that room if we tried. Once the dwarves were freed, we left them with weapons and food from our stores. It wasn’t much but at least they can feel like dwarves again.

Morfin did find a secret room that overlooked the buildings central open air shaft. In the open air area he found some giants, and one especially fearsome looking one talking in whispers. He returned to us and we tried to make a plan to deal with them. We thought we could just set off our whole necklace of fireballs we had acquired off the body of the Kobold. It seemed like a waste to use that much firepower to take out so few giants. The only thing was we were not sure if the big ugly guy Morfin saw was the bad guy we had to kill. We ultimately decided to just bar the door to the secret room, and go around to face them. Who knows what we might find along the way.

We made our way into the main dining hall, past the giant’s kitchen. There was a female giant inside cooking and making a lot of noise. We decided not to attack her but try to quickly cross the room before she could be alerted. What we didn’t count on was the mural on the wall come to life. The haunt that came out of it was a brutally murdered giant. Poor Mei was lucky to not fallen over dead from fright. The haunt coming to life alerted the female giant to our presence. This could have been a bad thing, but turned out it was very helpful. She didn’t attack us; in fact she appeased the haunt so that we could pass safely. The haunt was of her late husband who had been brutally murdered by her son. Her son had found dark magics associated with the 7 point star groups we have been following. All of the giants, and ogres that were outside were under this guy’s command. Since he was the chief his people were following his orders, no matter how bad they were. We had to promise to avoid killing any of the giants as much as possible. They were simply followers who are doing what their leader tells them, even if the leader is a power mad, homicidal, dark magic corrupted piece of dragon dung. She pointed out the best way to go, and where to find her son. We are not preparing to go down the ramp into the deep underground of where this giant’s temple/ site of horrors or whatever bad thing you can think of is located. All we can say is onwards!



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