The Runelords will Rise

When cats go scratch, and fire goes boom

We had just finished killing “ourselves” and were proceeding into a very large room when things went…BOOM. When multiple fireballs go off and nearly kill everyone it is never a good thing. When you see 6 or 8 spell casters who were once invisible, and are now sending empowered fireballs into your ranks you tend to pull out the big guns. Our fighters waded into the fry but while these spell casters could kill with spells they were ‘squishy’.
Given how injured I was, granted not as bad as Lexie, I had to stay undercover. What could I send out there to kill those things that though powerful could still rip those things to shreds. If only Mei was there she could rip those things to pieces only she is stuck back in the cage insane. If I couldn’t have Mei, there is no reason I couldn’t bring in some of her cousins.
Have you ever seen a hungry cat attack a mouse? Yeah well, that was nothing on what those dire tigers did to those wizards. With paws the size of skillets, and razor sharp claws that dig like daggers, death did not come easy to them, especially when they charged and pounced on them. Once swipe of their paw would kill a normal man.
With all of the wizards dead we were able to explore the place. What we found was a little freaky. Turns out that the wizard living there had made about 250 approximately clones of himself. Each of those wizards we killed was a clone of him. Not a pretty sight.

We then proceeded to another ‘temple’ where we found a locked door, no problem for Morph. In he went and on to the next door, in which the door locked behind him and left us wondering what happened to him. In the mean while he is trapped, with these mummy’s coming towards him, he bails out the back door. The mummies go back to rest, with no one living around. The once locked door is now open, and so we go into the room to ‘save’ Morph, and we get the pissed off mummies. The magic coming off of these things paralyzed Telchar, Lexie, Tyrel, and Jonathan. They were sitting ducks, but thank fully those of strong will over came that magic but what could we do against them. Tough to kill was an understatement with these things according to Father Josek. They did have one weakness, fire. We could kill them with fire. We had a necklace of fireballs we could detonate, but the person most likely to survive that is Morf and he was no where to be found. That is when I realize I’m fire proof. Well technically my fire elemental self is fireproof. I will say if the situation had not been so dire it might have been funny seeing a tiny bat screaming in someone’s face “I am fire proof. Light me up!”

I can fly in hidden in the shadows, get behind them, turn all fire elemental, and then proceed to flame strike their asses. Who cares if I am standing in the middle of the firestorm, I am immune to fire. Long story short, between Josek’s flame strikes, my flame strikes, and our Paladin’s flame burst sword, they were charred ash in quick order. Yes it cost us a couple high level spells and me a wildshape, but with our companions about to be coup de grad’d , I’ll use up some high powers to save them.

With the Mummies dead, and our friends no longer paralyzed we were able to open the other door. Where we found Morf asking “What did I miss?”



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