Amalia Baradin Dernas


The wife of Tobar Dernas, she was born and raised in the town of Sandpoint, and if she has her way, she will remain there surrounded by everything and everyone that she loves for all of her days. She enjoys the day-to-day simplicity of life in a small town. She enjoyed reading the occasional letters sent from her older brother, Elias Baradin, regarding his adventures in the south, until the letters stopped; replaced by unanswered questions of his fate.

Prior to her marriage she worked as a cook for the Black Deer Inn (now known as the White Deer Inn). After being married, she filled her days with taking care of her husband and her only child, Lexia. A few years ago they sent Lexia to Galudria to be trained as a wizard. Amalia was initially against the idea of this for fear that Lexia, like Elias, would go adventuring and never return. However, Lexia argued that magic would help her defend herself, should the Unpleasantness ever return.

How in her free time Amalia makes and sells Perogi, a Varisian dumpling made of potatoes, cabbage and cheese, served with caramelized onions.

Amalia Baradin Dernas

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