Grayst Sevilla

A Varisian Thug, suffering from Ghoul Fever


Grayst was a Varisian thug from Magnimar who was being held in Habe’s Sanatorium. He was apprehended and is suspected in the brutal murders of three known con men (Tarch Mortwell, Lener Hask, and Gedwin Tabe) near Cougar Creek.

Grayst was instructed to give a message to Lexia a message from a secret admirer and possible threat known only as “His Lordship”.

After delivering the message, Grayst flew into a rage, his jealousy over Lexia’s importance over his own driving him completely insane. Ripping apart his straight jacket, he lunged at Lexia. Grayst was subsequently cut down by Telchar Ironhammer.

Grayst remains were sent to Sandpoint, where they were consecrated and burned to prevent further spread of the Fever.

Erin Habe produced a letter to Sheriff Hemlock, along with the rest of Grayst possessions and an account of what happened, exonerating him of the murder of the three con men, and casting suspicion on “His Lordship”.


Grayst Sevilla

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