Joscek Winters

A tall, lean human cleric with long, curly brown hair, and blue eyes.


Father: Tarcek Winters 46 Still lives in Sandpoint. Wealthy adventurer, still works some for the pathfinder society when can get away with it from mom.
Mother: Geolin Winter 45 ( Valedmar) Married beneath her station but seems to have been very happy with her life. Has gone on a couple of excursions with dad.
Older Brother: Joncek 31 Married lives in Sandpoint with wife Nantiana 30, and three daughters Ryolin 15, Terolin 13, Gwenolin 11
Older sister: Marolin Koti 29 (winters) Married, with 2 children, lives in Magnimar.

Born on the nigh of the Swollow-tail Festaval I am now back in town to celebrate my bithday and my release from my church. and am ready to go out and spread the word of Abadar.

I have been married to Racholin, a woman of strong convictions and a stronger right-hook for the past nine years, and have three delightful little monsters running around. Marcek age 8, Janolin, age 6, and Tarcek age 4.

Joscek Winters

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