Runelord of Greed, Master of Xin Shalast, Lord of the Lands of Shalast


The Runelord of Greed, Karzoug was a wizard known for his calculating mind and utter mercilessness. Rumored to have been a Lich or Half-Fiend, absolute greed and the pursuit of wealth guided every decision.

Perhaps the most corrupt of the Runelords of Thassilon, many rumors exist as to the extent of his covetous nature. From immolating tax collectors who miscounted or shorted tax collection to destroying entire kingdoms for failing to pay tribute on time, Karzoug was considered one of the most powerful of the Runelords. His dedication to Greed granted him a level of respect and fear amongst his peers that few could match.

Little is know of his early life, and what histories survive show that Karzoug long waged a cold war against a fellow Runelord, Alaznist, the Lord of Wrath and Queen of Bakrakhan. The few remaining scraps of history, found within the ancient library of Jorgenfist details that, as Thassilon fell, the agents of Karzoug were responsible to casting the island nation of Bakrakhan beneath the waves. While this cannot be verified, it speaks to the perceived power of Karzoug even has Thassilon was imploding.

His weapon of rule was a burning glaive, studded with priceless meteoric gemstones.

He ruled his kingdom from the city of Xin Shalast. The location of this city has been lost in time, though, many treasure hunters and historians of Thassilon believe the city survived the fall and its riches remain hidden and awaiting plunder.

He is rumored to walk again on Varsia, though, this is not confirmed.



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