Lexia Dernas

Universalizt Wizard


Lexia Dernas’ father, Tobar Dernas was raised in a traditional nomadic Varisian family. He met Amalia Baradin, a Chelaxian cook at a local inn, during one of his trips through the town of Sandpoint. Throughout the next year, Tobar found repeated excuses to return to Sandpoint. His announcement that he planned to marry Amalia caused a great deal of strife within his family, as this conflicted with their tradition of arranged marriages. Eventually, his family came to terms with the situation, but Tobar was still asked to leave the caravan. As a wedding gift, his family received permission to build him a home in Sandpoint. This made it easier for Amalia, and the Dernas family could still spend time with Tobar since they often traveled through Sandpoint.

Lexia was born about a year later. She had an idyllic childhood. At age 9, her Nona (grandmother) Oluia (pronounced ool-wah) claimed that Lexia carried great power and that she must immediately leave Sandpoint to be trained as a Sorceress, or the gift within her blood could fade. However, her parents refused to let their only child leave to travel with the Dernas Caravan. A few years later, after the Late Unpleasantness, her parents sent her to the Twilight Academy, a school of the arcane arts in Galduria. Her affinity sorcery had faded, but she still had a great potential for arcane magic.

Lexia has returned to her hometown, but her Varisian blood yearns with the desire to travel. She has considered joining her family’s caravan, but she knows that at her age they would quickly marry her off to some stranger and although a family of her own might one day be nice, she knows that now is not the time to settle down. Now is the time for adventure.

Although Lexia left the Twilight Academy, she never actually completed her education. In her first few years, she was studying at a very advanced level. However, in the last year she was there, she had a romance with a Galdurian local named Talur. After a few months she revealed that she was with child. He was thrilled at the news and planned to travel to Sandpoint to ask her parents for permission to marry her, but before he left, Lexia became terribly ill with fever. The academy’s clerics cared for her, but there were complications. Lexia lost the child and the clerics told her that she would be unable to conceive again. Wanting an heir more than a wife, Talur ended their relationship and left Galduria. After recovering, Lexia tried to continue her studies, but she was constantly distracted by painful memories. She told the Academy that she was traveling to Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival and would be returning, but this was a lie. Upon her return to Sandpoint she claimed to have completed her education. She has not told her family about the pregnancy or her inability to have a child.

Lexia Dernas

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