Telchar IronHammer

Dwarven Fighter


Str 16 Int 13
Dex 16 Wis 12
Con 17 Cha 9

HP 13
AC 19 = 10+5+3+1 Touch AC 14 Flat Footed AC 15

Fort 5
Reflex 3
Will 1

Base Attack Bonus +1
CMB 4 CMD 18

Dwarven Long Hammer AB 4 Crit x3
Type B Damage 2D6


Born deep in the mountains, Telchar always dreamed of being an adventurer roaming the wilds of the outside world. Telchar would often wear bits and pieces of armor or metal plates that he could find, roaming around the tunnels and warrens of his mountain home, fighting trolls, giants, and all manner of beasts. Telchar’s parents, Harsk and Rusilka IronHammer, were none too pleased with their son’s day dreams. Telchar was going to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a master weapon smith as all the sons had for generations.
Shortly after the events of The Troubles happened, word reached the mountain and the Dwarf community. Most were indifferent, some, like Telchar’s family, relied upon trade with the humans of the surrounding villages for their lively-hood and were devastated by what occurred. Sensing that there would soon be a great need for the Dwarf made weapons, Harsk double, then tripled, production from the forge and Telchar saw his chance to become an adventurer.
As one of the caravans left the mountain to deliver the IronHammer weapons to the surrounding human villages and towns, Telchar hid in one of the wagons amongst the greatswords and hammers, claiming, while hidden, one of his father’s signature weapons the Dwarven Long Hammer leaving a sack of gold to cover his father’s loss.
Knowing he would need gear and supplies, Telchar slipped out of the caravan at the stop in Sand Point. Hearing the stories of how his Father and Uncle helped Davin Hosk defeat a band of goblins, Telchar knew that his family was owed a favor and he meant to collect.
Finding a local smith, Telchar offered his services and began working in his shop. It was in this shop that he met a group of people who would later become the team of people he would trust with his life.

Telchar IronHammer

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