Tirell Vanar

A travelling ranger who is a traveller in the region on a caravan

Tirell Vanar is a Varisian

• He has just come off a caravan from Magnimar and is staying in Sandpoint for the festival
• He is a ranger brought up in a caravan that travels from the 4 areas Magnimar, Sandpoint, Windsong abbey and Nybor.
• Although They do stop occasionally make the caravan run 4-5 times per year (one full trip is approx 2 months)
• He has relatives in most area as he is part of a traveling family . for example.. his “Uncle Tovash” is in Sandpoint and is a artist and is in fact doing a painting for the festival. His Other Aunt and 4 of his cousins are in Magnimar, and are a travelling performing troup.

• When he feels the need to take off from the road stops at these places for a rest. But he doesn’t stay long as the feeling of restless overcomes him.

• He has a warm feeling for the people he meets on the road, as over the years he has gotten used to seeing him and his traveling family of merchants, troubadours’, and ahem, artists of all different types


Tirell Vanar

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