Tobar Dernas


He was raised in the Dernas Caravan, a family of nomadic Varisians. After falling in love with Amalia Baradin, a cook in the town of Sandpoint, he was forced to leave the caravan and settle in Sandpoint. Using the skills that he learned from his mother Oluia (pronounced ool-wah) he now works as a baker for the village. He makes a variety of breads, cakes, and cookies, but his specialties are Varisian Flat breads and Varisian meat pies.

Due to their constant traveling, for the Varisian people, baked goods are typically served only on special occasions like holidays, or weddings. The consistent availability of these Varisian delicacies has increased Sandpoint’s popularity among the Varisian travelers.

Tobar is the father of Lexia Dernas.

Tobar Dernas

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