The Runelords will Rise

A battle with Wrath

Lexie and Morph had scouted out the area beforehand. If you stood on the blue rune on the floor it took you to the red rune at the other place, and vice versa. The trick was that if anyone or thing was still on the portal, no one else could come through. If we didn’t want reinforcements coming come of us would have to stand on the rune to make sure no one came. Thanks to the scouting we knew where the barracks were and that there were some sorts of labs on the other sides of the room. We were also able to know we were again up against sithspawn, and some sort of warriors.

A plan was made. The portal could only take groups of 4 people. There are 8 of us, so two groups. With the warriors of wrath and sith spawn the first group was going to take a beating. The first group went through and Telchar created a bottle neck at the door so the bad guys couldn’t rush us. Lexie also put up a barrier to prevent them from getting to us until we were ready; unfortunately it also allowed our enemies time to buff themselves as well. It was not an easy fight. My summoned creatures were able to go out there and provide back up, and I was able to take pot shots using my lightening on the things. It didn’t do much damage but it did hurt them. To be honest it made me feel like I wasn’t doing much, but that didn’t last long. Reinforcements were out there, and what they held no one knew.



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