The Runelords will Rise

The battled with High Lady Attraxis & the demon.

We knew we were in for trouble. It was obvious she knew we were coming. Please it is not hard to guess when you have a gargantuan demon waiting as their ‘meat shield’. Our Paladin charged in to take on the demon. I know it is part of his nature but watching him get squished was NOT a sight I want to remember. We knew we were in deep shit but I was not sure how we were going to get out of it. If we went in to attack the demon that warrior back there would be using spells to kill us at range. We were dead plain and simple. That was until Father Josek pulled this weird ass crazy idea out of his bag of tricks. He cast an Anti-magic spell on himself. Oh brilliant, negate all your magic armor, weapons, items, and spells within 10 feet of him. Oh and not just yours but anyone around you. Was he trying to kill us faster?!? All he seemed to say was “Trust me I know what I am doing! Trust me!” I seriously thought he has been hit by a spell of insanity. Somehow he ran out there and got right up next to the deamon. I knew he had to be insane when he did that, but…. It turned out to be blood BRILIANT!

Soon as he got within 10 feet of the creature it went poof! Actually he was temporarily sent back to his home plane as long as Josek did NOT moved from that spot. Oh we made sure he did not have to do that. We very nearly had the women, but one lucky move allowed her to cast fly and get out of reach. Or so she thought. I sent an air elemental after her, and Lexie cast fly on Telchar and they started smacking on her. Problem was, she was still a spellcaster, through she wore some nice armor.

She cast prismatic spray. Depending on what color of orb you are hit with will determine what happens to you. Josek was poisoned, but he had enough fortitude to fight it off. Unfortunatly Jonathan and Morph were not so lucky. Joanthan was hit by a violet orb and was sent to another plane. No good! Morf was turned to stone like the flesh to stone spell. Thankfully Lexie could turn him back….tomorrow. Our Paladin was down, our rogue down, our brute of a fighter rogue was down. That left Telchar, Tyrel, and Josek as our front line of defense. There was no way that Josek was going to be allowed to move with him keeping that demon from coming back, so he was of no use. Telchar is good but even he won’t last long against that vile woman. The shout of “We need BIG help here!” came to my bat ears. So I sent a prayer to the gods to send us something that could take her down and do it fast! What we got was something we never saw before. I was told later it was a Tyranasuraus Rex. Surely it could kill her. My poor elemental did damage to her but it wasn’t much at a time, but still coppers an silvers over time add up. The T-Rex made a mighty bite at her, but missed. Considering his bites are the size of horses, and he could swallow them whole, I had hoped she would have been eaten. The woman did finally die when Lexie let loose a spell of disintegration. Poof! Doesn’t even count what happened to her. I had gotten nearly killed by one of those things, and it is NOT fun. If I was pulling out my big guns that meant Lexie was too, and it showed.

For a moment we could celebrate that she was dead. But her “pet” would need to be dealt with. That giant demon with huge fangs, wolf legs, huge claws, and massive bug like wings, and did I mention the dangerous spiked chain like tail. Its head looked like a cross between a wolf and a spider. It goes without saying it would have surely killed us in moments of walking into that room, had Father Josek had not simply stayed put. With her dead, I summoned more creatures to battle. I opened the flood gates to attack this thing. I had my T-Rex from before; I called another one, and two more Dire Tigers. Soon as it appeared it attacked, and I can only assume since Lexie was the one to kill its mistress it attacked her first. What happened to her wasn’t pretty. She is lucky to be alive after what that thing did to her. Thankfully all of us unloaded on it. My first T-Rex managed to bite it, and sink its long sword length teeth into it. Then the other one got its teeth into it; with it being held in place, the two dire tigers unloaded upon it, opening up even more massive wounds. With the creatures holding it in place, my companion opened up their skills upon it, and before it could raise its self to attack again it was dead.

With the danger gone we began salvaging everything we could. There were quite a few magic items, and of course her mightily weapon which Tyrel was very happy to pick up. We reached another goal when we were able to turn some old rags to make the ashes we needed from this temple. This made the last item we needed to complete our rune forged weapons.



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