Character Creation Tips

Ancient Lost Cultures:
Since the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path reveals an ancient threat reemerging into the world, characters skilled in Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (arcana) are best suited to putting the pieces together. Access to powerful magic at higher levels could be the key to survival, not just for the PCs, but also the entire world!

Dangerous Denizens:
Rise of the Runelords brings player characters face to face with hundreds of monstrous threats. A prepared character should be suited to challenge monstrous humanoids, giants, magical beasts, and undead, and even greater threats at higher levels, such as evil outsiders and dragons.

As the campaign moves throughout the frontier of Varisia, the player characters encounter lost ruins. Characters with skill sets appropriate for adventuring in dungeons and crumbling ruins can give the party an edge. Knowledge (dungeoneering) and racial low-light vision or darkvison would be helpful in those dank and dark places. Since many of these locations have been warded and secured by their builders, a character who can bypass some of those protections just might help the party live to fight another day.

Giant Hunters:
Rumors of giants mobilizing in the wilds of Varisia are spreading, and the people of this frontier land need saviors. Player characters ready to take on threats like this are well suited to this Adventure Path.

Into the Wilds:
While some parts of this Adventure Path delve deep into ruins, much of the action is on the surface. Since Varisia is an untamed frontier, characters who are good at dealing with natural threats and excel at finding their way in forests and mountains would be assets to an adventuring party. Plenty of opportunity for overland travel abounds as well, so mounts could prove useful in getting characters to the doorstep of adventure, but might be difficult to deal with once the adventure moves below ground.

Character Creation Tips

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