Hambley Farmstead


Over three dozen farmsteads dot the fields and vales southeast of Sandpoint, the furthest being some six miles from town, run by the Hambley Family. The farmstead was the sight of a massacre of nearby farmers, who investigate the ill-dealings of Ghouls which had overrun the farmstead and were wiped out.

The Hambley Farm is nestled at the western edge of the Whisperwood, a forest said to be home to capricious gnomes, pixies, and other fey, but now overshadowed by a closer menace – ghouls of nearby farmers.

Fields of tall-stalked plants transform the paths between them into oppressive tunnels, making it dangerously easy for visitors to become lost. The Hambley farmhouse and barn sit in the western portion of these fields.

Both house and barn seem unremarkable from the outside, save for the piles of animal bones, rotting flesh, and half-eaten carcasses which create an ill-air.

The Barn

The barn is the larger of the two structures, an L-shaped building constructed around a unique feature — a twelve-foot – high stone head, canted slightly to the left, depicting a helmed warrior, his face a stern model of placid determination. Moss has grown over much of the weathered figure, making his features hard to discern. This head, known locally as the “Stone Warrior,” is a remnant of an ancient Thassilonian statue that once stood in the area. Too large to move and too unique to destroy, Hambley decided to use it as a support for his barn and incorporated it into the building’s structure. The ghouls themselves have made this barn their lair, and the place has become a macabre tangle of bones and partially eaten carcasses (in most cases cows or horses, but in some, human farmers).

Hambley Farmstead

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